Tuesday, November 29, 2011

News from AJHQ

Hey jammers! I got some news from Animal Jam HQ, and there is lots of useful things to share! First of all I'd like to open up with news of who sizzlerat really is, if you'd like to find out read the message from AJHQ below! Just click on it...
Next I'd like to discuss the empty space trading glitch. Unlike what many think it is not a scam, it's simply a loading slowdown, it happens especially when Jamaa is busy. I don't suggest accepting it though, as it's still loading there may be issues accepting it as well. Second up is that AJHQ gave me some tips to prevent "hacking" or stealing of an account and it's rares. Here is what they sent!
I hope that helps a bit jammers! I can't wait for the next update. Meanwhile, please post your ideas on the post below, I'll submit them this weekend. See you in Jamaa!

AJ is under an UPDATE...
What will happen?!

UPDATE: New post on the Artwork mini blog!
Note:  Thank you for the gloves chris0209!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

AJS and AJ Improvement

Hello jammers everywhere! The time is here to contribute to Animal Jam and the Animal Jam Spirit blog. Well, actually, it's pretty easy. I know all of you are bursting with ideas about Animal Jam, and maybe even a few ideas on how to improve the blog. Below are questions that may spark some inspiration, but the rest is up to you. Once we get enough comments I'll send a mass email to AJHQ about your idea contributions.

What should the next animal be? What should the next pet be? What pet rares should become available? What new lands should there be? What would be a cool new clothing or furniture item? What should be the next den? What rights should members/nonmembers have? What shamans and guides should be visiting Jamaa, and when? What additions should be made to the Animal Jam website?

What should the holiday background and title banner be? Should I make major color changes to the blog? What should I focus my posts on? Do you guys want another Pottermore preview or more blogging tips? How can I help you on your Jamaasian adventures? What is your favorite/least favorite thing about the blog? Should I find a different chat box? How do I improve on the AJS's mini blogs?

Please respond jammers, it'd be a TON of help to me, especially with blog tips. Since there is nothing new in Jamaa, I wanted to give you a link to Animal Jam's YouTube channel. They don't have many videos up, but they are pretty interesting, and even give you glances at the past AJ. Just click on the picture below.
Have fun in Jamaa everyone, anyone have any guesses on when the holiday update will happen? Happy jamming!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Beginning Your Blog

Hey jammers, I've been getting a lot of questions on how to begin a blog, and I think the subject deserves a post! You see, it's quite easy to start a blog, the hard part is making it look Animal Jam-ish and continuing blogging. To start you blog on blogger you first need to get a gmail account.
Next go to any blog (maybe log out first?) and click on "Create Blog" in the top right hand corner.
Fill out the info on that page, and be sure to name your blog what you want!
Now you get to design your blog, template designer is the most useful tool. Be sure to visit the Newspaper Archive mini blog for backgrounds and banner pictures.
Make sure you have a good amount of contrast between the font and the blog background so the font can be read, the same goes for the style of the font, it should be legible. As for screenshots, here is a link to the steps explained my AJHQ. I also know that for Macs command+shift+4 work as well. I hope this helps jammers, good luck bloggers!

Note: Thank you for the plushie ahoy10!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Feast of Thanks

Hello all you jammers out there celebrating Thanksgiving, Turkey Day, or Feast of Thanks. I'd like to wish you all a happy holiday and that I hope you have much to be thankful for this year. I know I'm thankful for all you wonderful jammers out there who make this blog so fun, I couldn't do it without you!
When Thanksgiving first began it was a celebration of the end of the growing season, people were thankful for their plentiful harvest. But now is a different time period, and we are thankful for different things. What are you thankful for?

Meanwhile, aurorakismet9 had an idea for what the building in Coral Canyons is. What if it will become a clothing shop for pets?! It could be anything, but the strange thing is that there is a hint on the pet article in the Jamaa Journal...
And on the very next page there is...
All very suspicious right? Well, tell me what you think and what other ideas you guys can come up with about the mysterious structure in the waterfall. What else could it be?
And here we are, wishing you a Happy Turkey Day. Be sure to thank the turkey that you eat this evening! Have a wonderful holiday everyone, I hope to see you in Jamaa!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jamaasian Additions

Hey jammers! Lot's of new things as well as future excitement. First of all I'd like to mention that Long Shot is on double gems at the moment, hopefully it helps in your gem earning (they should make best dressed double gems...).
Next up is full screen mode, mentioned by an anonymous commenter in the last post, I had found it a long time ago but never thought to mention it. On a mac you can press F5 to make the toolbar of the screen disappear, making taking pictures much easier.
You can still do actions and chat by typing (use things like :D or :play: for actions and emotes) and pressing enter as normal. F6 for macs also changes screen resolution, this can help with load time supposedly, though you'll need to try for yourself.
This should work relatively the same for Windows, which I know most people use. But as a warning, changing screen quality will make your emoticons quite strange!
If you need assistance on taking a screenshot look at this AJ help link. Then there is the new and amazing ability that I suggested to AJHQ a while back (a long time ago). Now your SCREEN will move with you as you edit you DEN! I'm so excited, this will make things so much easier. For more info be sure to read the Jamaa Journal article.
Meanwhile, there is that strange structure in Coral Canyons, what do you guys think it will be? More on the waterfall is explained in the Jamaa Journal.
Don't forget to check by the Jamaa central board, more artwork and a new calender is posted, the dates in December may have some hints on when the update will come for the Jamaalidays.
Plus a new pet and a monthly member holiday gift are coming next month!! Are you guys excited for the Jamaalidays?
 What will they be? Be sure to vote on the holiday gift in the blog poll, but post your ideas in the comments as well! Tons of fun in Jamaa, how are you liking it jammers?

AJ was under another update...
But nothing is new...

Feast of Thanks Items

Hey jammers! Feast of Thanks in Jamaa is here! Lot's of new little things around around in Jamaa. Here are new items you can find around in Jamaa Township...
In the Furniture shop...
In Appondale...
In Mt. Shiveer..
In the Temple of Zios...
In Bahari Bay...
In Kani Cove..
Meanwhile in the music shop Sarepia Forest music is now available! Of course it's for members only, but still.
Plus tons of new colors for animals, something we've all been hoping for for quite a while I believe!
And with the new color chart comes a new secret color! Simply click on the far right of the purple color (bottom left color). What you get is what jammers are calling sky blue, ice blue, or dolphin blue. What will you call it?
Some of the best news yet is that you are able to design your own pet, with tons of colors, eye, feet, head shapes and more!
This post is already pretty long jammers, I'll post some more additions to Jamaa as well as future excitement in the next post. See you in Jamaa, jammers!
Note: Thanks you for the pot silverstorm99!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Little Clothing Glitches

Look at bottom of post for void glitch.

Hey jammers, nothing much is new around Jamaa, but I thought I'd post (and re-post) about little clothing glitches that still work. First up is one discovered by GreatShot I believe. The amazing floating Yeti Mask! It works on bunnies, all those with a Yeti Mask should try it!
Bunnies seem to have a lot of glitches, when playing their ears warp things, such as a witch mask.
I didn't get a good picture, but when you are doing it you can see your eye flash under the mask! It's quite strange. Another bunny glitch found by Oranoo was that when you dance in a bunny your Elf Bracelets (Cuffs) fly off!
Even my horns crumpled! Next up is an old one, the Viking Hat. When a tiger if you sit down the colors switch around! 
This also works with Bunny Hats, they swap around when tigers sit down. Cool huh? Well this was where I was going to end my post but something came up...

A crazy void glitch has appeared again! This time it's with a tree, it moves, and it's in only one jammer's den! We better get a name for it, shall we call it the Void Tree Blob? xD Here are some pictures from Stickers' den.
The user of the jammer's den is, again, Stickers. 
 What do you guys think caused this weird glitch? Be sure to visit sometime soon jammers, and have fun with your Jamaasian adventures! See you there. :)

Note: Thank you 22ar for the scuba helmet!