Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween is Ending

I'd like to wish you all a happy Halloween and a happy Day of the Phantoms! Hopefully you had tons of fun. See you in a not-so-spooky Jamaa!

 Jamaa is a mini update at the moment. Hmm...


  1. i just got online to see if the Halloween stuff was gone and get my monthly gift. And guess what the Halloween stuff is still there. =)

  2. i didnt hav a good halloween...i was sick -.-

  3. Well, now we can look forward to the Feast of Thanks. Wonder what fun stuff AJHQ will have in store for then?


  4. Halloween is always fun on AnimalJam, well, it was only their second Day of the Phantoms, oh well, now to look forward to Thanks Giving!

  5. The update's gotta be......

    BUBBLE-TRON 5000!!!!


    1. omg i love your friken videos they are amizing you are the best person ever buddy me i am lqc123 thanks bye =)

  6. Lol I am looking at this waaaaaay after it happened x3

  7. please send me rares or a oragenil headdress thanks oh my user is lqc123 =)

  8. Omg I'm a huge fan I've been lovin' your posting since you started please buddy me im cobra789.


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