Monday, January 30, 2012

Epic Items Leaving?

Hey jammers, the newest post on the Animal Jam Blog "The Daily Explorer leads me to believe that Epic Wonders items may be leaving shop. What do you guys think?
It could be just a false alarm, but better safe than sorry, be sure to buy your favorite colors before Thursday members! Sadly, I only have a few of these items because of my homework and my blogging. >.<' Oh well, are you guys still liking how I blog? Do you want some changes? What would you like me to post more?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Zios Skyway Glitch

Hey jammers! A very nice jammer in the Temple of Zios taught me how to do the glitch that everyone has been talking about. It's even easier than the original skyway glitch! Just follow these simple steps to the sky and the fallen idol.

Start about here in Zios.
Click on the Lab door.
Click the window right away.
Click the door again, then
the window, ect. until you get
up. You need to stay in the
same general area you started
in by the rocks.
Now you can again walk the
skies of the Temple of Zios!
To do the second part, go to the
left side of the Temple and as
far off the screen as possible
(move your internet window if
you have to).
Staying off the screen
travel until under the
idol's head.  Click the eye.
Click the ruins again when you're there.
Now you can sleep with the phantoms!
 I hope this was helpful jammers, be sure to direct people to the blog if they'd like to learn how to do the glitch. Happy jamming!

New: Party at my den on the Spirit Club mini blog.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

What Will it Be?

It's hard to tell sometimes what the new animal will be in Jamaa. It seems AJHQ likes to choose nonspecific animals so you can make them your own (for example, a horse to a zebra). It certainly seems the next animal will be a penguin...
But I'm sure there is other options as well. Due to their appearance I'm guessing they will be a smaller type of penguin, but anything could happen. Here's a fun little Southern Rockhopper Penguin that would be an awesome addition to the Animal Jam animals collection.
Amazing crest, huh? And does anyone else remember AJHQ saying that there will be another way to get lions "soon"? Do you think they just abandoned the subject? What are you guys looking forward to in the update next week? I'm crossing my paws for nonmember penguins.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Daily Explorer

Hey jammers! Here's a quick little post. AJHQ has reopened the Animal Jam Blog a few days ago and it's now called The Daily Explorer! They posted it on the AJ home page, click the picture below to visit the Daily Explorer AJ blog.
There are plenty of new things on that blog, although it still seems in start-up mode. One of the best things is that they are posting codes on this blog! Don't worry, I'll post them here too. The newest code is explorer.
Annoyingly, it's only worth 100 gems.
Apparently there will also be downloads and up-to-date news on contests and such. Hopefully the AJHQ blog will be a good part of you Jamaasian adventures, but I hope you still come to the Animal Jam Spirit! See you in Jamaa.

Monday, January 23, 2012

AJHQ's Response

Hey jammers. As the title says I'm here with AJHQ's response to our ideas as well as much more from around Jamaa.
Sadly the letter is entirely boxed, apparently the responder was in a hurry. Hopefully our ideas got through though. And now, as usual, I have a few glitches to share. These are fairly strange and annoying ones, though some are quite fun.
This glitch has been seen before but mldb brought this one to my attention. It's similar to the Insanity glitch, but even crazier! This occurred in CinnamonCake's den, CinnamonCake is a jammer previously known as VivaCandy (or Fuzzy Shyivy) who owns a fairly well known blog.
Meanwhile, Alygator and RabbitOfTheVally reported even more sightings of the misplaced facts in their dens. Strange, huh? My best guess is that some Shamans dropped them accidently in their journeys, or they are a side effect from this Insanity Glitch going on (see the post below).
As I mentioned a while back, the spins are an annoying glitch that slows down your play in Jamaa, but now they are even more common! I think it's because of the Insanity Glitch as well, it's really interfering with Animal Jam.
This has been happening to me when I trade, jammers. Have you had issues with it as well? It's really causing quite a problem when I'm transferring my extra items to my storage accounts. Speaking of storage accounts...
This jammers, is a lot of friend requests! Please slow down. >.< You can friend some of my other accounts, including snowyclawplushies, AJSprizes, or my current storage, snowyclaw5. I'd also like to mention that there are so many comments on the Ask Snowy page that there is a new page of comments! To get there, click the "Newer" button at the bottom of the comment list.
Thanks jammers! See you in Jamaa. ^.^

Update: New party on the Spirit Club mini blog (pieluver32 and dragons4evr)!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Insane Parallel Glitch

Hey jammers, a lot has been going on because of the most recent update, but one of the most interesting points for me is this new glitch. First of all, it's incredibly difficult to do, it takes practice, and still after that it takes a while to get it.
I suggest starting at one of these two places cause they are easy to return to if you mess up. Here's what you do - you click any gateway to another land/room then at the last moment (before you load) you click a different land in the map.
Now, if you get the timing perfect you will see strange things happening. You can tell if it worked if the name of the land is mixed up (you can be in land or ocean).
Normally the name of the land is where you appear to be to other jammers. For example: while you see yourself (and them) in Deep Blue, they see themselves (and you) in the Art Studio! Here is an example of two different views in Coral Canyons/Deep Blue with two of my accounts.
member account view
nonmember account view
Insane, huh? I see it as that your account is in a parallel world between both Deep Blue and Coral Canyons. Both worlds collide and crazy things happen! I'd also like to mention that the other animals you see are normally jammers who are in the land you were traveling too before you switched with the map.
So I'm a dolphin in Sarepia, but I see the seals in Bahari Bay, if that makes sense. Strangely enough you get to explore the land you see yourself in, that means ocean animals get to ride the slides! They simply freeze mid paddle and slide down. Wacky.
A strange side effect of the glitch is that you see icons from the land your were traveling too (seen on the land name tag). Here is a picture of the animal fact and the Best Dressed game icon in Deep Blue when I collided it with Coral Canyons.
Most of the time you can see your clone somewhere in the land you're in. This clone is in the doorway/path your just came through (in the land you're supposed to be in).
See the two horses above? Well, the running one is my clone. It is running in the Art Studio doorway, the place I just came from. No one sees it but the jammer who has tricked the Jamaa Map. I'd also like to mention that tons of other things happen as well. The stuff above is just the norm. Sometime you can see jammers in both lands, but they can't see you. Sometime you're invisible...
In the pic above I was an invisible turtle in Jamaa Township (the other one's my clone), but only those in Deep Blue could see me, while I saw everyone in Township as well.
nonmember account view
member account view
In this one I did the same thing as above, but purposely. I traveled from Deep Blue to Kani Cove, but I clicked Jamaa Township before loading. Now I can be water animals in Jamaa Township! Totally INSANE. Later I appeared as a shark and tons of people swarmed me, asking how to do it.
Above are more wacky things you'll see with this glitch. Hope you can make it, have fun, and happy jamming!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Trading Party

Hey jammers. One of the biggest events in the most recent update is the Trading Party, which is pretty darn cool as it is, but jammers have the prospect of getting rares as well. If you don't know already, you go to the party and find a Trading Post.
There are three, but they all give the same thing. Each claw is actually a present machine, where you pull various items, two of which (the Fancy Top Hat and the Horned Leg Pads) are new items (seen in Best Dressed). Here is the inside.
Someone requested to see the different items and their colors, here is what I've seen/collected so far.
Fancy Top Hats
Horned Leg Pads
Additional Rares (come in normal colors)
Hopefully this is helpful, feel free to comment with the rest of the colors you've seen (there are eight for each item except Scary Horns and Freedom Hats). All the possible prizes (as far as I know) are for nonmembers and members alike, yay! There is also a cool feature about the Fancy Top Hats...
As far as I can tell it only works on tigers when they sleep. I found out when I saw a random jammer doing it in the Township. Also, the new parties have been so popular AJHQ has had a hard time keeping up. They did an update...
And it made the party list have issues for a little while.
Luckily it's now back to normal, and we can all go back to collecting these new rares. Here are links to previous posts about this update and the new glitch.

UPDATE: Party in my den, look on Spirit Club mini blog to find out more.