Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sarepia Slideway

Hey jammers! Thank for your the nice and happy comments on the previous post, I was expecting "don't tell!!!" reactions, so I'm very grateful. ^.^ Next up is the Sarepia forest glitch, the way to the slides! There are many ways to get there, here are just some ways you can try. Good luck on your glitch adventures!

Stand near the Super Sort game (this way gives you
plenty of running/switching time.
Click on the log. This should make
you go up the tree ladder.
When you are in this general area do the sameswitch -
Click Switch Animals.
Click the same animal.
Be sure to do this very quickly. 
And click the log again! Good luck,
and remember, it takes practice. It is easier
with a fast computer and a mouse.
I'm not sure if I should post more, I'll have to talk to the people who told me (I don't want to betray their trust). Meanwhile, keep commenting on the AJHQ letter post (now two down). I'll send in our idea letter on Friday evening. Happy jamming!

New: Party on the Spirit Club mini blog (it's tomorrow)!
New: Artwork on the Spirit Art mini blog (howling wolf)!


  1. YAY! FIRST COMMENT! Guys, dont say bad things to snowyclaw's post. Plus, a lot of people know this glitch already, so there's no harm at all to post it! And there's a lot of people in AJ who wants to know the glitch! Snowyclaw is doing a very good job of posting glitches and others things in Jamaa. She's the best Jammer i've ever seen! :D


  2. YAY!!!!!! i got it on my first try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks snowyclaw!!!!!!!!!!!on next post will u tell us the skyways in the temple of zios?


  3. livieloo6 on animal jamJanuary 12, 2012 at 5:35 AM

    yah you can also press a different animal if you want!

    thx for posting that everyone knows now!

  4. it sounds hard but i will give it a try!!!!!!

  5. yay!!!!! snowy claw your so so nice thank you so so much :D i will go try it and i will think about giveing you some stuff for your being so nice i mean your really the only one that will tell!

  6. So do you guys want to make a snowyclaw/animal jam spirit clan(snowyclan for short) for snowyclaw?

  7. I have created a visual guide for this, which can be seen here:

  8. Hey, if you are going to make another post about these, plz make it about the Temple of Zios! It looks cool. :P

  9. I know a better and easier way Snowyclaw

  10. snowyclaw a jammer is begging me to tell how to do it and it's hard to explain!
    -Medieval Cleverpaw (bubblestorm14)

  11. I like how you can go on the slide in Mount Shiveer, i didn't know that but thanks for telling me anyway, here's another one. First, your Old Frozenspirit your wolf right? So get your wolf and go to Crystal Sands, go near the small waterfall, then click the cave and click the top of it, click your animal and you will be running on the cave. So while your running on the cave, click up and then you'll be in the air. Thanks Snowyclaw! And Happy Jamming!

    -snowy82889 ^.^

  12. Why do I do it different that you do?

  13. i just made a new blog its animal jam thebeatles0042! i only got a comment from pangaea but anyways i hopt ya like it!!!

  14. i tried to do it. err my friend said how but i didn't know what the sameswitch was. i'll try it.

    The only thing is- i tried it with my going from my horse to my wolf DIDN'T WORK! i think it's because i have one of the oldest animal jam user accounts.

    the day i got the kidz magazine was the day i registered do you think that my account's so old the glitch doesn't work!??!! i hope not!!!!

    i don't want to eb a perfect user!

  15. I will tell you the zios glitch.First stand by the bush next to bradys lab and click the door then window quickly.soon you will walk up the wall to the sky.WARNING:be carful not to touch the ground!


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  17. Lol, I really think you should post more ways to go on the Slideway. I'm looking for more ways to do this glitch. Btw will it work with a Mac computer?? I just keep running down the slide 030


  18. i cant do it :((

  19. it no work anymore?it not working for us.


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