Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Township Roof Skyway

Even more skyways! When will it end?

teacher - colour54
Start around here (or farther to
the right, as long as you can
see the door below).
Click on the medicine room door.
When about here you need to
sameswitch - switch animals
to the same animal.
Then click up on the roof!
There you go! Have fun!

founder - snowyclaw
Start about here in the club.
Click on the DJ's spot.
You need to do the
sameswitch in this general area.
Click that pile of cords after
you do the sameswitch.
It takes practice, and is pretty hard,
but you can do it! Try doing it
in the opposite direction as well,
that might help.
Hope you liked them everyone. Update soon!


  1. Snowy, I just now had this interesting realization. You know those tiny shacks just behind the Jammer Central? I just had the idea that they were supposed to be DENS. I always kinda assumed that the dens were on the mountains just south of Jamaa Township, but since they deleted those off of the map, I've been wondering where the dens were supposed to be in Jamaa until now....

  2. Cool! Just saw you in AJ, I was the croc/rino.
    E-mailing you about a glitch. ;)

  3. Cool but they prolly have the update tonight and might fix the SkyWay glitches. Snake pets.

  4. Snowyclaw,
    Remeber when AJ had a whole bunch of crazy glitches around May 1st. Well, i got four imprisoned phantoms for my monthly gift, weird, huh?

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  6. that is a fun glitch lol but it lags a lot -batwing107

  7. This is so long ago .... so, so long ago.


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