Monday, January 16, 2012

Chamber Skyway

I heard someone mention that there is a skyway glitch in the Chamber of Knowledge, so I went to check it out. I figured using the ladder would likely work, since it's sticking up into non-walkable space. My guess was right!

Start about here in the chamber...
Click on the top of the
 bookshelf ladder.
As soon as you start running sameswitch.
Switch Animals...
To the same animal.
You'll start jumping up the bookshelves!
Now click on a shelf, you can now
explore the Chamber!
You can also wander around on the bottom of the screen by going all the way to the sides of the chamber and walking down. I hope you enjoyed the glitch jammers, tell me if there are any specific skyways that you'd like to learn. Happy jamming!

New: Artwork on the Spirit Art mini blog (BigGoldfish101)!


  1. Oh wow, snowyclaw!
    You actually figured out one by yourself!!
    Congratulations on finding that Skyway.
    Thanks for telling us all those glitches.
    You are so awesome!!!!

    Your fan~

  2. I have been trying the Township one. X_X No luck so far....

  3. Weird sometimes people randomly get up onto the sky and can't get down for a while. That happened to sealofbeyond no one could get up there on the tree house.....

  4. Sorry that I de friended you snowy but I'm gonna quit AJ so...


  6. omg! i was at the 2012 party and when i went down the slide im flying!

  7. Snowy trying to get more ppl to come to ur blog

  8. livieloo6 on animal jamJanuary 16, 2012 at 9:46 AM brother wont let me down load wolfquest on his laptop DX

    im happy and proud of you that you got on done all on your own :D good for you!

  9. where are some other glitches? i want to figure out a few myself, so i haven't read the chamber of knowledge glitch yet. so i want to know where there are glitches, so i can go there, instead of wandering around, hoping i'm in the right spot.

  10. Oh, I think I was the one that commented it! It was posted yesterday here...

  11. No luck on this one. ;(
    Good job for finding it and thanks for sharing!

  12. Awwww that was my peaceful place now it's ruined :(

  13. @iamcool2c2
    I wish you wouldn't quit. >.< Please stay iamcool! Or at least visit off and on...

  14. Hey snowyclaw, I love your blog and I was wondering how did u get your blog to grow more and more popular? How did you start? Please reply.

  15. oh and you should do Crystal Sands too that would be nice to know.


  17. on the glitch where u go between lands i did it, i was at jamaahaliday and i saw people from kani cove. thanks snowypaw!

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