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Bahari Bay
Crystal Reef
Deep Blue
Kani Cove
Temple of Zios
Mt. Shiveer
Sarepia Forest
Coral Canyons
Crystal Sands
Paradise Party
Kimbara Outback
Hey jammers! Click the links above for shortcuts to each Journey Book page. Here are the locations and general clues of where to find the animals. Remember, the moving ones often take several visits to find, and some roam across the land, so keep a sharp look out. Good luck!
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First up is Bahari Bay. Here is the completed page. 
Here is a video explanation!
 Here are the animal locations. Remember, some move!
Moray Eel (hides) - bottom right
Kelp - top left
Barrel Sponge - bottom left
Scallop - middle center
Giant Clam - bottom left
Barracuda (moves) - middle center
Sea Cucumber - bottom left

Elephant Seal (moves) - middle center
Starfish - bottom left
Jellyfish (moves) - middle center
Oyster - lower left
The prize is a Sea Horse
Next up is Crystal Reef. Here is the completed page.
The video explanation...
The animal locations... 
Pufferfish (moves) - middle left
Lobster (hides) - middle left

Clownfish (hides) - top left
Flounder - top center
Marlin (moves) - middle
Stingray (moves) - bottom

Feather Duster Worm - middle left
Tube Sponge - middle center
Barnacles - middle center (ish)
Staghorn Coral - top left
Brain Coral - bottom left
Humpback Whale (moves) - middle
Your prize is a
Pufferfish Plushie!
And now . . . the Deep Blue.
Here is the video explanation! ^.^
Here are the animals, mostly moving animals.
Giant Isopod (moves) -
middle center
Frogfish (moves) - middle left
Viperfish (moves) - bottom left
Fangtooth (moves) - bottom

Anglerfish (moves) - middle (ish)
Giant Squid (moves) - middle
Oarfish (hides) -
middle right
Coelcanth (moves) - top
Hatchet Fish (moves) - middle

Gulper Eel
And the prize is a
Porthole Fish Tank!
The newest ocean is Kani Cove, here is the complete journey.
And here is the video guide!
And here are the animals.
Conch (moves) - bottom left
Cormorant (moves) - top right
Cuttlefish (moves) - bottom right
Hammerhead Shark (moves) - top

Manatee (moves) - top
Nautilus (moves) - middle right

Parrotfish (moves) - middle center
Sea Urchin - middle left
See Snake (hides) - middle center
Shrimp (moves) - bottom right

The prize is a Toy Boat Pond.

AJHQ is now adding dry land journeys as well. Here is the Temple of Zios completed journey page.
Here is the video guide!
Here are the animals (location may vary for moving animals).
Water Strider (hides) - middle left
Needlefish (move) - bottom left 

Monitor Lizard (hides) -
middle left
or middle center

Hibiscus - top center
Colugo (moves) - perching on
high places

Turtle (moves) - bottom left
Python (hides) - top center

Vine Snake (hides) -
top right(ish) 
Dragonfly (moves) -
everywhere high

Praying Mantis (hides) - top center
Pitcher Plant - top right
And your prize is an
Elephant Throne!

Mt. Shiveer journey book page is here, here is the completed journey page. Hopefully these pictures will help.
The pictures below are hints on the locations of each animal and item. The animals usually move or are there off and on.
Red Panda (hides) - bottom right
Slate - middle right

Gold - middle center
Himalayan Tahr (moves) - top right
Lemming (hides) - middle right
Permafrost - center middle
Yak (hides) - top left
Partridge (hides) - top left

Juniper - bottom left
Hawk Moth (moves) - middle right
Himalayan Poppy - bottom left
Prize - Panda Plushie

Here are the hints for the Sarepia Journey. Completed page:
The next pictures are hints on the locations of the facts you need to find, hopefully you'll find them helpful.
Firefly - middle left
Woodpecker (hides) -
middle right
Moss - bottom right
Mushroom - bottom right

Skunk (moves) - bottom middle
Termite - middle left

Raven (moves) - top center
Great Horned Owl (moves) -
top right
Chipmunk (hides) -
middle left
Poison Ivy - bottom middle

Snail (moves) - bottom left
Prize - a Tree House!

Now, for Appondale, the land of Africa.
Below are pictures and hints on animals.
Wildebeest (moves) - top right 
Golden Mole (hides) - top left

Zebra (moves) - top
Black Mamba (moves) - middle

Rock Hyrax (hides) - middle right
Guinea Fowl (hides) - top left

Weaverbird (moves) -
top left (ish)
Meerkat (hides) - middle center

Ant - middle left(ish) 
Warthog (hides) - bottom center

Cockroach (hides) - middle left
The prize, an Acacia!

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Here are the hints for Coral Canyons. The completed page:
Below are pictures and hints.
Woodchuck (hides) - middle left
Scorpion (hides) - middle left
Gila Monster (hides)
bottom center
Tarantula (hides) - bottom center

Coyote (hides/moves) - top left
Saguaro Cactus
bottom right
Peregrine Falcon (moves/hides)
top right
Dandelion - middle right
Honeybee - middle center
Cardinal (hides) - top left
Rattlesnake (hides) - middle center

And the prize is a Cactus Chair!
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Here are the hints for Crystal Sands. The completed page:
Below are pictures and hints.
Crab (hides and moves in the
sand) lower right of beach
Macaw (flies near tree line)
found in top right of sky/hut
Flamingo (wades near former
perch of the honking bird) lower
middle part of ocean bay
Basilisk (runs all top area) starts
at waterfall and goes to bushes
Tide Pool (bottom right of ocean)
below the aquarium
Tapir (hides out in Mt. Shiveer
cave) near the top slide

left edge
Cocoa Beans
left of juice hut
Sand Dollar (in between slides)
click the smaller one

Iguana (hides behind hut)
lays on top of juice hut
Centipede (hides behind pet wash)
crawls around at random
The prize is . . . a Lemonade Stand!

Here is the Journey Guide for the Paradise Party, good luck!
Completed Birds-of-Paradise journey page.
Here is a video tour of the party!

Bottom left, near the river. 
Lower center, near lilly-pad lake.

Western Parotia
Bottom left, left of red, near stones. 
Victoria's Riflebird
Lower right, right of Wilson's.
Left of Paradise Shop.
Paradise Riflebird
Left of crumbling ruins.
Middle right, sitting on tree top.
Bottom center, hides in tree top. 

Middle right,  on flower cart.
Magnificent Riflebird
Middle right (ish), left of flower cart.
Bottom right, hides in tree tops.
Top center, among the temple ruins.

The prize for finding
everything is a neat
Paradise Throne!

The Journey Guide for Kimbara Outback!
Completed journey page! 
Here is the video tour!

Tiger Snake
To the right of the Medical Center!
Blue Penguin
Rightmost base of the Kimbara Falls.
Perches on the left side of Medic.
Perches on top right of Medic Center!
Frilled Lizard
To the left of the falls, under bridge.
Walks along the bridge line.

Trapdoor Spider
To the left of the Med.
Sugar Glider
Hangs on the Windmill.
Base of the falls.
On the Kimbara rocks at the bottom.
The rightmost edge of the land.
And the prize is your very own Windmill!
Post questions and answers here,
it's easier if we all work together.

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