Saturday, March 31, 2012

Strange Invisibility Glitch

Hey everyone, a jammer named Skye sent me pictures of a strange series of glitches which I've heard troubles other jammers as well. What do you guys make of them? Have you had any of these happen to you?

Well tell me what you think. There is also a glitch where when you type in all uppercase for a certain length message the last word becomes lowercase. Try it out with the following message:
Tell me what happens, and happy jamming!

New Items Around Jamaa

Hey jammers! Yesterday's item was a Cowboy Hat in the Horse Only Party. Of course, it's a member item.
There is also a Frozen Banner in Jam Mart Furniture.
As well as a Dolphin Venus Statue in Sunken Treasures.
Also, a commentor told me that you can now see animal faces in the buddy game. Do you guys like this new feature?
Happy jamming everyone! I'm not sure how much posting I'll be doing this week, I'm going on vacation. I'll try though!

Friday, March 30, 2012

April Fools Party

Hey jammers! Sorry for posting late, I don't have much free time. Anyway, here is the crazy April Fools Party!
As you can see, the whole party is a little topsy-turvy. Just take a look at this stuff - walking in the sky, water flowing upwards - what happened to the law of gravity in Jamaa? Was it vetoed?!
 It is in a castle-like den, with a mix of different holidays.
The arcade games are even mixed up!
 There is a den shop in the bottom left corner of the sky, be sure to get a few items, they won't be back until next year.
 There are lots of strange upside down items!
 It's probably the wackiest party I've ever seen! Along with all this are strange items that pop up near you when you click in certain areas. Below are hints on where to find these accessories. These are just guesses, you have to click around to find them! It's kinda fun to find them. ^.^
And now, the skyway for the party!

teacher - Goofy8966
Start here above the Jamaa sign.
Click a name tag.
Click games.
Click the level below so you start running left.
Click any game.
Click cancel.
As you start running down the
wall click to stay on it.
Now you can go up into the lake
or into the forbidden sky!

Hopefully this was helpful. I can't seem to find anything new today, be sure to comment if you spot it though!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Horses Only Party

Hey jammers! So here is the Horses Only Party, I'll try to include a lot of pictures for nonmembers.
Here is the horses notification picture (you see it when you try to switch animals in the party or if you're horse-less).
You can find the clothing Party Shop here.
Look at those cool future items! Here's what they sell at the moment (didn't these just go on clearance?).
There is also a furniture Party Shop.
It's just in the next stall over! Cool new stuff.
There is a water trough in the shape of a horseshoe; if you click it you get a horseshoe next to you!
It appears my bat likes it. ^.^ There is also a little mud puddle in the right corner similar to the one in Appondale.
This is an overall view (from the Jamaa Journal).
There is also a new skyway to go with the party (all of our buddy-game-cancel skyways still work!). Here's how to do it:

teacher - myself
Start here.
Click someone's name tag.
Click "Games."
Click the floor below so you start
running to your right.
Click any game on the list.
Click "Cancel."
As you run down click the wall
click so you stay there
(careful, don't click the store).
Now enjoy the scenery! Have fun flying.

Click here for more skyway glitch info (as well as lots of posts about how to do it). I'd also like to report new messages in the Jam-a-Gram pre-typed message selection. Plus a strange glitch!
I forgot to mention in the previous post that only members can type messages onto Jam-a-Grams, sorry! D:
There is also a strange glitch on the Rope den item, it's white! It's white in stores, in item inventory, and in den!
 Strange huh? They used to be brown! Next, a flooring glitch in the den of Yawn05, go and take a look soon!
It's a Volcano Den with brown tile flooring, but it thinks it's in the Restaurant Den! And last, but not least, there is an April Fools Party. I must say, that is one wacky party picture.
I may or may not be able to post about it tonight, we'll see how things go with my schedule. It'd be really helpful if one of my buddies could hang out in there a little while longer so I have more time to get there.  Thanks everyone for commenting so much, happy jamming!

UPDATES: New artwork on the Spirit Art mini blog and a
April Fools day party on the Spirit Club one!