Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Coral Canyons Skyway

Hey jammers! Another Coral Canyons skyway method has become available, just follow the instructions below and you'll be flying in no time! For a list of recent glitches click here.

teacher - Bubbledoo1
Start here in Coral Canyons. Make
sure you can see the Best Dressed game!
Click anywhere below the
game icon.
Click the icon quickly.
You must to the following
as fast and as accurately as
possible. First click "rules."
Click the "x" to close it.
Now wait until you start running under
the waterfall (don't click anywhere).
Now click anywhere on the cliff.
Congrats you're up!
Now you can explore and fly
under the bridge (I don't know
how to get to the top yet).
Have fun jammers, more glitches later
on today or tomorrow!

I'm sorry to anyone who didn't want me to post this glitch, but everyone should know. Happy exploring!


  1. im so glad you posted this because lots of people only say aj will tkae them off so they cans cam you but all the glitchs i ever knew came from you and i even tested it and emailed aj HQ and they didn't take it off they only do at an update

  2. How come everyone gets mad at me when I try to show a friend how to do this glitch? They say that if you tell they will take it away...? I said I doubted that they just said that's how it works. I've never seen anyone say this before and it actually made me kind of embarssed because they made it seem so ovious that they would take it away if you told. I said that hasn't happened with the Lost Temple of Zios they said well not yet. But the Lost Temple of Zios glitch has been really popular for a long time and it is still there so I don't get that..?


  3. Yay! There's a new way to do the glitch. ^^

  4. Hi Snowy claw,
    did you find this yourself? you are great that you share it with others.

  5. Thanks snowyclaw everytime I asked somebody to teach me they said I had to send them a rare! Thanks again snowyclaw

  6. livieloo6 on animal jamMarch 7, 2012 at 5:51 AM

    thx but 4 some reason i can only do it as my wolf...not my lion...oh well.....

  7. I can't get it! I must keep trying!

  8. I did it thank you so much!

  9. i tought it to bubbledoo1. i was one of the first to know!


  10. Snowyclaw i think we are able to fly above now!!!! :D because this one person is actually FLYING! thanks for this glitch it was my favorite before aj took it away

  11. Your welcome :P! P.S I found 6 new glitches :I if u want to know them add meh

  12. New Glitch: Mt. Shiveer: 1: Step above door 2: click the floor 3: click the game and exit- from your glitch cracker, purplebelle1(fanta13 is a part of this duo XD)

  13. I know the coral canyons flying above glitch!!!!!!! add me if u wanna know snowy claw!!!!!!


  14. There's skyway~ :D
    Its like the old way, but yo uhave to get below a certain way
    Instead of going on the cactus, you go beside it, click below the game, rules then x. Then you go along the wall above the stairs, click the wall, and you're up!!! C:
    Also friend me if you wanna know the castle den glitch snowy! :3 I can only explain it if I'm there :P
    My user name is JuniperDesertBird

  15. how do you break the brige?

  16. you have to get 50 people there and they have to all jump i think not positive XD

  17. IT worked! Yay! But I just walked into the painter thing... Darn

  18. IT worked! Yay! But I just walked into the painter thing... Darn

  19. so.... hard! it won't even let me.... XP

  20. I can't do it I never go into the water :/ Maybe they took it away since eagles are only suppose to reach the new shop. :\

  21. I did it but nothing happend

  22. It didn't work!


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