Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Around Jamaa

Hey jammers! Lots of excitement with this update. First of all, here are the new items. In Jam Mart Clothing...
Jester Hat
And in Sunken Treasures, a new Octopus Submersible.
 Plus, two clearance items are back. Clover Tubes should obviously by gone (Lucky Day items), and the Barrel Sponges are glitched - they appear tiny and the bubbles are escaping!
And Jammer Anthem is still here!
There is a new part of loading added.
Items have also gotten a higher quality I think, or maybe they are just bigger/clearer in stores. There are also a few new objects around Jamaa, gold in Epic Wonders, rocks in Zios. And of course, now the big new - Octopi! The the news is everywhere.
 They look a bit strange, but very cute! I get a kick out of their talented dancing skills. No new animal spaces though.
They have received a Jam-a-Gram for their entrance to Jamaa.
Speaking of Jam-a-Grams, you are now allowed to type your won (spell-check approved) message to others!
Meanwhile, next month's monthly member item is a Hot Cocoa Machine Yum! I can't wait to taste den-made hot chocolate.
There is a survey in all clothing stores on new T-shirt designs.
New Jamaa Journey book and new Horses Only Party (will post tour later on). The party will be members only.
Click here to see if I have posted the Sarepia Journey Book.
The winning name badges are here for members! Plus, monkeys will be here until the next update, forgot about that. ^.^
New Double Gems game!
Next post - Spring Egg Hunt and dog Disc Toss.


  1. Wow a lot of new updates! Nice seeing you today!

  2. The Jam-A-Gram typing thing is being tested by members right now.. :(


  3. Can't they make a seal party?!?!

  4. @Leafpool

    I hope so!


  5. @Anoymous

    Please don't cuss on Snowy's blog!


    1. Lameo is not cursing. It's just a way to say the update is boring

      ~ kiki51772 peace love spiders

  6. Snowy,there is a spotted egg statue thingie.Lol.Just telling you that theres another 1.

  7. snowyclaw add me my user is melodylv4

  8. @leafpool ya! lol i was thinking that too i saved a pic of it for the nex party design ^-^

  9. i really want AJ HQ to make a seal party

  10. hey wellone it was awsome! and its starting to be beta days again!

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