Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Appondale Skyway

Hey jammers! Here are the two glitches found in Appondale, one for the sky, and one for the rock. Enjoy!

teacher - DeltasFury
Start here in Appondale.
Click the
Click Fruit Slinger. You have
to do the following quickly so
you don't go to the pet shop.
Click rules.
Click "x"
When you travel up click near the
windchimes again.
Now you can fly in Appondale!

teacher - myself
Start here in Appondale.
Click on the left
side of the rock..
Then the right side,
but do it quickly and
stay near the center.
Now you have an Appondale
perch, enjoy!

 Tomorrow I think I'll post about the newfound glitches in Jamaa Township. Sound good? Happy jamming!


  1. hi snowy!
    unrelated comment...
    wat gadget is ur twitter thing? i recently got a twitter account and i want to put that same gadget on my blog.

  2. Amazing I just met a jammer that knows about this blog u r getting popular =)

  3. Hi Snowyclaw Phoebe69021 here the new Aponnadale glitch is be in the far side of tree click someone open games click windchimes play game you move by door quickly click in the sky then you up!!!!!!!!!!!! I found this glitch out myself.
    Phoebe69021 buddy me
    . . D -----------

  4. Coolio! I can finally amaze my buddies!


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