Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day of the Phantoms

Hello jammers! Day of the Phantoms came a bit early this year, but everyone is sure enjoying it! First to do is look at all the awesome phantom decorations! Instead of a Mira satue it looks like the kind of the phantoms has taken her place.
There are lots of new decorations as well! I especially like the spooky globe in the fountain, same as last year.
Very creepy! You can also send two new cards to your buddies in Jamaa.
 And even a new message to send them!
There are also bats, a temporary pet that you can find in certain places around Jamaa (think caves...).
The new monthly member item will of course be for the Day of the Phantoms! It will be sent October first.
Try clicking on the phantoms around Jamaa, they puff out darkness! And watch out for the phantom vortexs, they'll take you to Phantom Vortex!
There is a game called "Phantoms!" there.
Once you reach level five in the game you get a phantom statue! They come in multiple colors: red, purple, yellow, blue, and green. To get more make a free nonmem account and play the Phantoms! game on that one. Then send/trade your statue to your original account!
Bring your buddies with you to the Phantom Vortex to see the floors swirl!
Have fun in this spooky Jamaa, and I hope to see you at any Phantom parties being held. Oh, and I'm broke because AJHQ took my gems as punishment for the ban. :( Would anyone be able to send a few halloween items to me? I don't mean to appear selfish, but all this blogging is taking time away from my gem earning! If you don't want to, no worries. Thank you camden for helping me!

New Items

Hey jammers! The Day of the Phantom update is here, but first, new items that are being sold throughout Jamaa. In Jam Mart Clothing there are multiple items that have come back from last year.
Many more Halloween items are located in the Hot Cocoa Hut of Mt. Shiveer.
While in the Jam Mart Furniture there are awesome new decorations for your den, don't for get the wallpaper and flooring as well!

 And for members there is a (super expensive)Haunted Mansion for sale! Get it while it's still Halloween, and it's a perfect spot to host Phantom Parties!
And in the Chamber of Knowledge there are even more decorations! 
Less Phantom type items are in Appondale and the flagshop.
 And there are some Halloween items in Bahari Bay as well! I especially like the skull costume, don't you?
Notice anything else around Jamaa? Anyone else feel that AJ should have new items every year? Next post up will be about the Phantom additions to this spooky Jamaa.

New In Jamaa

Hey jammers! These are just a few new things you can find around Jamaa, that aren't too Halloween-y, but good to know! One is there is now a new calender about Halloween events.
There is also more artwork in Jamaa Central, so go see the awesome new pictures and writing!
And the new double gems game is Gem Breaker! Have fun earning gems for the new Halloween items. :)
Plus there are new question answering movies in Brady Barrs Lab and new (spooky) movies in the Jamaa Movie Theatre! (Thanks Sheesh4)
Plus the trading glitch has been fixed (hopefully) and you can now recycle clothes items where ever instead of only in the Jam Mart.
The annnoying plushie trade glitch still isn't working though, as you can see, they have he names of the plushies wrong (0?!).
Now there are new loading messages as well, how many different ones have you read?
My next post will be about the new items (Halloween and otherwise) you can find in the Day of the Phantoms Jamaa!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oceans in Store

Hey jammers! Not much new in Jamaa, and not much time to post either! Here is just a small post on what the oceans may have in store for the future, and a few other things as well. The first is that there will likely be an ocean store coming out soon, here is where it will most likely open.
This may be the pet shop, with the image of the sea horse. This may be what it will look like as a pet!
With the ocean furniture store will come underwater dens as well! What kind of den would you like to see? Vote on the new poll or leave a few comments. Next up is the underwater pet shop, maybe it'll be opened here (considering it's similarity to the baobab tree in Jamaa)? It could also be the furniture shop since it's in the main waters of the Jamaasian Oceans.
It seems that the pets will come with the next update, the next update being on or near September 30th. This is also a likely time for the Halloween update to come out.
Who's excited?!
Who knows! Maybe there'll be a new animal as well! Please mention my blog if you want to post this date since I found it. :oP Well, only if you want to I guess. Meanwhile, don't forget to use the DEEPSEA code (500 gems) before September ends. See you in Jamaa!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Banners for you Blog

There is another code for this month. It seems to be not very well known, the code is...

Hey all you blogging jammers out there! I'm here with some great news for you; the Archives have tons of new things! I have searched the internet and put some of the best banners and snippets of Animal Jam all on one mini blog. Just head over to the Archive mini blog for tons of stuff to use!
I also am able to make simple banners for your blog if you'd like me too. Choose your favorite picture, tell me in a comment, and I'll make one for you! You can specify style, size, and what you want on the banner (be it name or blog title). These are just simple ones, but very useful! Here is one I made for Rubin99 (click to see it full size):
Please only the named jammers use them for blogging purposes! And please tell me what you think of it, I can change it around if you like. If possible that you guys could  add my blog banner on a page somewhere with a link?
You don't have to, just if you can. :) Anyway, if anyone else would like a banner made for them just contact me in the comments!

Note: Look at the below post for another glitch I found!