Thursday, September 29, 2011

New In Jamaa

Hey jammers! These are just a few new things you can find around Jamaa, that aren't too Halloween-y, but good to know! One is there is now a new calender about Halloween events.
There is also more artwork in Jamaa Central, so go see the awesome new pictures and writing!
And the new double gems game is Gem Breaker! Have fun earning gems for the new Halloween items. :)
Plus there are new question answering movies in Brady Barrs Lab and new (spooky) movies in the Jamaa Movie Theatre! (Thanks Sheesh4)
Plus the trading glitch has been fixed (hopefully) and you can now recycle clothes items where ever instead of only in the Jam Mart.
The annnoying plushie trade glitch still isn't working though, as you can see, they have he names of the plushies wrong (0?!).
Now there are new loading messages as well, how many different ones have you read?
My next post will be about the new items (Halloween and otherwise) you can find in the Day of the Phantoms Jamaa!


  1. I am glad the items came back but at the same time, I'm not. Now, all the people who used to be really rare with all of their rare Halloween items aren't rare anymore. :(

    I wish that Giant Phantoms came back... Same with candy stands (although I already have one).

    Snowy, do you know when the candy wallpaper came out? Is it rare, because I have it...

  2. @Sheesh4
    I agree, my friend Kayla is probably sorta depressed, cause a lot of her rares aren't rare anymore. I was hoping for the giant phantom plushies too! The candy wallpaper I believe was out at beta times, but I'm not sure how long it lasted. Sorry!

  3. Good thing the recycle came to our clothing spot so i don't have to go to phantom township now (aka jamaa)

  4. ACTUALLY, theres going 2 be another update before the ACTUAL Day of the Phantoms, so giant phantoms & candy stands might come back yayz!

  5. @Piplup: You're kidding me?! Really?!
    That would be so awesome!!


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