Friday, September 9, 2011

Pottermore (Ed.1)

Hey jammers! Because of the large amount of jammers who wanted to hear about the Pottermore beta website, I'm going to give you a sneak peak to the main part of the newest Harry Potter experience. It all began with my father, who told me about the Pottermore website.
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I found out about the magical quill contest that would be occurring later that month. These quills decided who got to join Pottermore and play as a beta tester. I figured out the time to join, and was able to register as a beta tester on the third day.
The Magic Quill
Soon afterward I got a notice, telling me that I had registered successfully. Yay! Little did I know how long I'd have to wait. Here is the registration email.
Click picture for full size.
It took two months for the Welcome email to come, but it finally did! Here is a picture of the welcome email.
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You can imagine my excitement! Anyway, now that I have my account, I can play Pottermore! Registration for others will begin very soon, and the site will open for everyone in October. If you'd like to show this website to your parents I have two important spots you should visit on the site.
Child Safety
Privacy Policy
Meanwhile, the Pottermore Insider is a blog where you can stay very up to date on the happenings of Pottermore.
Click on the picture below to visit.
That's all for now jammers! Should I continue posting about Pottermore, and show pictures of it's adventures? Send you feedback in the comments! I also have something else, I have an extra Pottermore account. The user is WingWillow185. If my sister doesn't want it then I will auction it off, I'm thinking of giving it away for a good rare on Animal Jam.
Here is a picture of the welcome email:
Send me a great rare on Animal Jam and you could get
this Pottermore account! I will send all rares back that
I don't choose, notify me if you send one. Only do this
if you trust me. If you think I'm a scammer then,
well, ignore this entirely. I wouldn't scam, because
1) it's mean and 2) it'd ruin my reputation.
Comment if you enjoyed hearing all this about Pottermore, or if you'd like to get the account with a rare that you have.
Thanks for reading jammers!

Note: Thank you haleyjoe for the pink Head Feather!


  1. O.O! THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!! This is awesomeness....I can't wait till October!

  2. @Jindo
    I'm glad you liked it! Would you like me to post a few photos of my discoveries on Pottermore?

    1. im a beta tester i think and i so love harry potter i have all the books and movies and i have DS games of it!!!!! i love harry potter!

    2. as u can see i like dementors lol

    3. Gah! I was thiiiisssss close to being a beta tester.

  3. plz keep posting about animaljam!! i'll send u a glove 4 hat pottermore account!! i tried everyday 4 the magical quill when it was open but i was always too late!!!

  4. I think I'll just wait till October. Yes, I'd like it if you posted more discoveries for us! I can't wait to check it out.

  5. @Magical Iceystone
    I'm sorry, I have lots of gloves. I'm sorry you didn't get in! I had to get up super early to find it.

    I already have a few pictures which I want to share! :D



  6. Very interesting! I'll have to check into it sometime. Look's really fun, can't wait until October!

  7. I am not a big harry potter fan but the game looks very interesting i will like to have a registration there i cant wait October :3 !!! -flaler14-

  8. WHEN WILL OCTOBER COME? I can't wait that long! :'(

  9. i don't like harry potter BUT I LIE AJ :) -pokemon798

  10. Pottermore is opening to everyone in Early April! It says on Pottermore Insider! I can't wait! -Jumps up and down-


  11. i just want to say my cousin and half cousin love no scratch that....ABSOLUTLY LOVE HARRY POTTER but i dont love it love it but they are absolutly MAD about it !!
    but yeah i still like it but for some reason i watched the last film first and the first film last!! i dont know why i did that but then i watched it properally like going the right way like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 part 1 and then 7 part 2.


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