Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Items

Hey jammers! The Day of the Phantom update is here, but first, new items that are being sold throughout Jamaa. In Jam Mart Clothing there are multiple items that have come back from last year.
Many more Halloween items are located in the Hot Cocoa Hut of Mt. Shiveer.
While in the Jam Mart Furniture there are awesome new decorations for your den, don't for get the wallpaper and flooring as well!

 And for members there is a (super expensive)Haunted Mansion for sale! Get it while it's still Halloween, and it's a perfect spot to host Phantom Parties!
And in the Chamber of Knowledge there are even more decorations! 
Less Phantom type items are in Appondale and the flagshop.
 And there are some Halloween items in Bahari Bay as well! I especially like the skull costume, don't you?
Notice anything else around Jamaa? Anyone else feel that AJ should have new items every year? Next post up will be about the Phantom additions to this spooky Jamaa.


  1. Snowy! I noticed that the trade glitch is fixed (finally)! and now you can sell your clothes and accessories if you click on your animal, wherever you are.

    If you play until level 5 on the game located at the Phantom Vortex, you get a tall phantom for your den.

    There are new videos in Sarepia theater, and new questions videos that Brady Barr made.

  2. @Sheesh4
    Thanks! I'll post those right now, thanks for the help. :)

  3. Thank you for letting me know the trade glitch is fixed. Thank goodness!

  4. are you a boy or a girl snowy?

  5. I like all the new stuff b/c i was new! so i don't know about howlween on AJ

  6. I so did not notice the nonmember pumpkin. My little sis did.

  7. snowy.. HI meet me in my den i will tell you what i found :D -pokemon798

  8. Awwwww, I wish that nm could buy member stuff. I would've bought those! ;)

  9. Awww - those were the good days. There's just something about Jamaa's holidays that changes Jamaa like no other normal day.


  10. I want a bat mask SOOO SOOO BADLY!


  11. follow me i follow u ! :D


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