Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lucky Earmuffs + Lucky Day Party

Hey jammers! Tigerlypaws (Akachip8967) here reporting for duty. Today's returning item is the Clover Earmuffs, on sale in Jam Mart Clothing for the Lucky Day celebrations! Keep your ears nice and lucky with the returning Clover Earmuffs, be lucky! ^.^
Jamaa's Lucky Day celebrations have begun with the returning Lucky Day party - filled with lucky items and fun. Head to the Lucky Day party on your party menu in Jamaa! Don't forget to go green and be lucky!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Fashion Friday #5 Lucky Day Looks!

    Hey Jammers, arthop here with today's Fashion Friday! Seeing how Lucky Day has come to Jamaa, I thought it would be a good theme for this Friday. First let's start off with some outfits I did!
     Here is a cute little outfit I made with my fox:

Leprechaun Hat, and Secret Identity Shark Fin?

Herro, Jammers!
Hungergamesrock19375, here! C:
Today's addition to the Lucky - themed items is the returning Leprachaun Hat! Sold in Jam Mart Clothing for 300 gems!
Love the little clover placed in the belt. Hehe C:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lucky Party, Bunch of Reminders, and More!

Hey jammers! Smile here, once again, with another update post! ^-^ AJHQ didn't really update anything in Jamaa once again... the Journal is mostly full of reminders :c But anyway, first off, we have the Lucky Party!
Woo! Can't wait to go see all the stuffs :P On the next few pages, AJHQ is just reminding us about the stuff they reminded us last week about xD (Did that make sense to you hehe) 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spirit Snaps:
Anti-Bullying Day

Hey Jammers! So today is the Canadian Anti-Bullying Day! Now everyday should be anti-bullying day, however. But not that any of you lovely Jammers would ever bully someone, it is just important we show respect. One of my buddies and I got together to celebrate! 
Thank you kittycat9203 for celebrating with me!
Moving on, I have been trying to come up with a cool contest and recently I did. So I'm pretty sure you all read Animal Jam's Blog (the Daily Explorer)  and if you do you are probably familiar with those comics AJHQ has been doing. So I was thinking I could do a contest for comic strips, you can just take some screen shots and put them into a comic strip format (you can make a collage using several photo editors, I tend yo use PicMonkey). I am not certain what the prize will be...

Clover Fountains and Leprechaun Gnomes

Herro, jammers!
Hungergamesrock19375, here! Gee, its felt like so long since I posted!
Anywho, today's new lucky themed items are a lovely Clover Fountain, perfect for any Lucky Day den, and a wacky little Leprechaun Gnome! Both sold in Jam Mart Furniture, but with the exception of one being 50 gems higher in price than the other. Te he X3

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Clover Necklace
and two Aldans.

Hello jammers! Today's new item is the clover necklace for 300 gems in Bahari Bargains.

Get your new lucky necklace and make a bad Barbie movie about it, it's been done. WHY BARBIE WHY, WHY DO YOU MAKE THESE HORRIBLE MERMAID MOVIES! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Rare Hat and Curly Wig!

Ciao, jammers! The item today is a RIM! Horraaah! I do hope it's not an un-pretty recolor of an under-used item!
*checks Jam-Mart*
...You could have done so much better, AJHQ. *sigh*
On the 8th page of Jam-Mart Clothing, this atrocious item is being sold for 750 gems. If anyone can pull this off as an outfit, you deserve a gold star. But you aren't getting one. ):3

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Clover Bench!

Ciao, jammers! The new item of the day is the Clover Bench, found in Jam-Mart Furniture!
For 300 gems, it's a bargain! I think it looks quite cute! ^_^
It also has no colors, like the last three items we got in JMF, and still looks totes adorbs.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Spirit Artwork #18

The Gentlebug is not amused.
You trail behind your friend, rolling your eyes in exasperation. To think, someone of this age could still believe that gold and riches lie at the end of the rainbow. And they just had to drag you along. Hills, dotted with clover flowers, extend far into the distance until they become a nebulous collection of greens, yellows... pinks, whites. No matter how you travel, the rainbow maintains its distance. As you go on, the evanescent rainbow begins to disintegrate, and disappears into the air before even your enthusiastic friend can reach it. Perhaps it was a beauty that was not meant to be reached, but only viewed from far away.

Lucky Tie & Owl Actions

Hey jammers! Today's returning item is the Lucky Tie, sold in Jam Mart Clothing in eight colors! Jamaa's Lucky Day celebrations aren't in full swing yet, but Jamaa's shops are filling their shelves with lucky items! ^.^
Feeling in the mood for a goofy owl video? You can watch my video below the break to see the owls of Jamaa rockin' out with their cute little actions! They're just so little and adorable. Hoot-ray for owls, hehe! ^.^

Friday, February 20, 2015

Fashion Friday #4 UnderWater Fashion

    Hi Jammers, arthop here with our 4th Fashion Friday! Today's theme is all under the sea.... and to start us off I have a wonderfully colored turtle by Princessgem1043! 
I love the black bottom with the blue shell and matching eyes, then with a pretty white spiral pattern (2nd pattern). Check below the break for more tips and outfits!

A Cozy Clover Blanket!

Herro, Jammers! C:
The Lucky Party festivities haven't quite begun yet, but I suppose
AJ still wanted to bring out some Lucky items early! Today's new St. Patrick's
Day item is the Clover Blanket! Looks pretty cozy.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pet Ponies, Leaving Snow Leopards, and More!

Hey jammers! ^-^ Smile here, once again, and with some new updates (ish?)! The Jamaa Journal once again came out, but not many updates came along with it... Anyway, Jamaa has NEW pets! The pet ponies!
Oh my god they are so cute ^-^ Especially those eyes... Hehe, even the journal agrees with me xD "These NEW PETS very well might be the CUTEST pets..."

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spirit Snaps:
Nonmember Love!

Hey Jammers! Now I realized my last post caused quite a lot of uproar about rares and members and scammers and hackers and all sorts of controversial topics. Anyways I just wanted to say sorry because I think it went a little to far in a hostile/negative direction. Anyways I figured to kind of tie into that in a more light/loving way this post is about nonmembers. I personally don't like speaking with labels such as member and nonmember however. Anyways I wanted to feature some nonmember related snaps I had received.
Thank you to jackfighter123 for sending this in.

Kelp Archway!

Herro, jammers!
Hungergamesrock19375, here! C:
Today's new jamtastic item is...the Kelp Archway! This item is located beneath the oceans of Jamaa, in a familiar little store, by the name of Sunken Treasures! It is on sale for 550 gems!
I think it's nice AJ is bringing out underwater items. They usually don't add that many.
And over on the Daily Explorer, a wave of new posts! First off, a new video by Brady.
How many species of snakes are there? I'd like to find out!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Deep Sea Crystals and AJHQ Taking Stuffs Away

Hello jammers! How did you spend Valentine's Day? Tell me in the comments. Today's new item is the... uh... hmm.... oh yes the Deep Sea Crystals, took some time to find it. You can buy your precious crystals for only 500 gems in Sunken Treasures now.

Some of these colors just don't feel right for crystals, oh well it's Animal Jam, anything can happen :D. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Cherry Trees, Rare Heart Capes, and more!

Herro, jammers! C:

Hungergamesrock19375, here, and today we have two wonderful new items in shop!
The first is brand new, the Rare Heart Cape! This can be found on the second page of Jam Mart Clothing for 750 gems! And over in Jam Mart Furniture, a lovely returning item, the Cherry Tree! This item is on sale for 500 gems C:

He he. C:
I love the color on the Heart Cape. It's quite nice, wouldn't you agree?
Did all you jammers have a wonderful Valentine's Day?
I sure hope so! C: I had hosted a friendship party in my den to celebrate with jammers!
He he C:
What did you all do to celebrate Valentine's Day in Jamaa?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Curly Wigs, Diamond Challenge, and More!

Heyyyy jammers! Smile here, and today we have two wigs returning to Jamaa ^-^ Idk, they remind of those old fashion styles Christopher Columbus or whoever used to wear. But then again, I do suck at history, so whoopssss if I got that wrong xD
This one is a member one, with a variety of colours ^-^ The other wig is for non members, with a hat attached to it!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Friendship Party

Hey jammers! Yay! The Friendship Party has finally opened! Today, I'm going to show you a little tour of Jamaa's Friendship Party. Friendship is so important, it's so good that Jamaa has its own Friendship Festival, celebrated in Jamaa every February time during the Valentines season! ^.^
The Friendship Party is pretty much the same as last year's, but still very adorable! This part is such a cool hangout for you and your buddies during the Friendship Festival in Jamaa. The exciting arrival of the seasonal adventure, Special Delivery has made the Friendship Festival even more fun!
In the Friendship Party there are cute little hangouts for you and your buddies to hang out in! There's a love heart hang covered in flowers area which is perfect for dancing and circle area which is great for parties!

The first floor of the Friendship Party is filled with love heart balloons, pretty flowers and buddy seating areas. During the Friendship Festival, it's perfect to bring your buddies along to the Friendship Party! Celebrate in style! ^.^
The second floor of the Friendship Party is filled with cosy hang out areas! Keep nice and toasty around the friendship fireplace with your buddies! Enjoy some fruit from the food table and enjoy the Friendship Festival in style! Hehehe. Soo cute!! ^.^
Such a lovely party for this time of year!! Happy exploring. ^-^

Cupid's Bow and Arrows

Hey jammers! Tigerlypaws (Akachip8967) here with a jam-packed post for you jammers out there. Today is the official friendship day in Jamaa! Over in Epic Wonders, these beautiful Cupid's Bow and Arrows are now on sale for 1,500 gems! 
Happy friendship day, jammers!! You can download these super-cute friendship printables for you to color and give to your friends for Jamaa's Friendship Festival! There's also some fun Friendship Festival activities on the Daily Explorer too. ^.^

Friday, February 13, 2015

Jam On

Hiya Jammers!

Feelers here. Just gonna say some stuff.

How many times have you dealt with the drama of big crowds , rarity, and other stuff? I have far too many times and I don't like it. 

It's always fun to have people compliment you on your posts or your outfit or whatever else, but it seems that too many Jammers believe that popularity and so-called "fame" is the one topic and Animal Jam that will always matter more than being buddies with someone or having fun with the new updates. Wow that was a long sentence.

This is just a quick resignation post, and I'll be on my way. I really like posting spirit sentiments for you guys, but I don't think that anybody is hearing me out or thinking that what I say matters. The reason for that is because several of you guys are young. I'm in no way trying to say that you guys aren't intelligent or immature of whatever. I'm trying to say that nobody is thinking about what I'm saying or actually wondering, and the reason for that is because you guys are young. It would be hard to try teaching kindergarten kids about giant problems in the world, right? It's hard to reach out to youngsters and try explaining that fame and rares aren't important. They won't listen.

I hope you guys turn out to be great people who thought that the fame and rares in this game was really ridiculous.

Jam On

-The Feels

A Fluffy Heart Rug, MM Winners, Glitches, and more!

   Herro, Jammers! C:

I think most of you are probably aware of today's date. If you're not, then...
He he, sorry. But I always have loved Friday the 13th. So mysterious and spooky. 
Has anything ever bad happened to you on Friday the 13th? I haven't had anything. Well, at least that I can recall...

Anyway, on a lighter note. A item has returned to Jamaa...the Heart Rug! Sold in Sunken Treasures, this item has 10 different varieties, and is 350 gems C: 
The brown one, I think, looks like a chocolate heart chocolate. Mmm...He he X3
Ah, I just adore the Friendship Festival Celebrations around Jamaa! Are you going to celebrate Valentine's Day with your buddies tomorrow? I know I will C:

Thursday, February 12, 2015

JAG Contest Winners!

Ciao, jammers! Bonsaii here, with the winners of the Jam-A-Gram contest! Thanks to all who participated! Find out who won below the break of breakdancing!

Heart Welcome Mat, Leaving Dens & New Code!

Hey jammers! Akachip8967 here with a new name, hehe. My new jammer username is Tigerlypaws! I hope you love it as much as I do. My new jammer username is perfect for me because tigers are my favorite animal! This means I will no longer be called Akachip8967 in Jamaa. Feel free to pop over to my den to hangout with your friends and enjoy some hot chocolate! Yummy.

Today's returning item is the Heart Welcome Mat, sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 300 gems. The Friendship Festival is such an amazing celebration! Be sure to welcome your buddies to your den in style with today's returning item! Hehe. ^.^

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spirit Snaps:
Not So Kind Jammers

Hey Jammers! So on my last post I asked that some of you amazing Jammers send in some snaps of kindness and to my suprise instead I got snaps of scammers and captions saying they couldn't find random acts of kindness and only random acts of not-so-kindness. It's quite sad but unfortunately it's a reality. I found these two pictures sent in by Wombats said quite a lot.

A Pair of Un-New Cupid Wings, a Heart Tree, and More!

Hey jammers! Smile here, with another post ^-^ So today, it seems like we have a new item, but it doesn't seem to say new on it xD Located in Jam Mart Clothing, I present to you, the un-new Cupid Wings (Haha, get it? No? Okay ;-;)
It's the first one on the first page of Jam Mart Clothing, yet, no new sign xD And my apologies, I can't make a gif that shows all the colours, because I'm a non member :c Sooo anyway, up next, we have a tree growing hearts! :o

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Heart Table
and Pizza Dart Board.

Hey jammers! I'm isa4322, the new author that will be posting every Tuesday. Today we have 2 new items. First we have the Heart Table for 400 gems in Jam Mart Furniture with a total of 10 colors, took  me a while to make this gif with so many colors.

And our second new item is the Pizza Dart Board for 350 gems also in Jam Mart Furniture. Why would you play darts with a pizza if you could be eating it? Well now I'm hungry.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Rare Heart Glasses, Pizza Lamps and a Princess Bed?

Herro, jammers!
Hungergames here! Wow, there's quite a lot of new items today! C: The Monday rare today is the Rare Heart Glasses! Today's new pizza-y item is the Pizza Parlor Light!  A delicious new way to light up your Pizza Parlor! And in the depths of Kani Cove, a treasure can be found. A very, um, Pink Treasure!
He he ^_^

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Heart Earmuffs, Pizza Prep Station, & Diamond Contest

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here with a late post. ^-^ Today's newest items are the returning Heart Earmuffs of the Friendship Festival and the Pizza Prep Station – the newest member of the pizza parlor!
Mmm, what's your favorite type of pizza? I gotta say I'm partial to pesto and chicken myself. Oh dear, now I'm getting hungry... In other news, Peck is having a contest. The prize? FIVE DIAMONDS.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Spirit Artwork #17

You certainly hadn't expected THIS much mail. When that owl, Rose, requested that you help deliver a few letters for her, you thought you'd get only a small bag: the remainder of what her tiny wings had refused to carry. A muffled growl of contempt escapes you as you imagine that detestable owl, sipping some hot cocoa somewhere nice and warm, as you endure the aftermath of her demands. You slump over into the snow, oblivious to the cold due to your extreme fatigue. The letters spill out over the rocky blanket of snow, some of the thinner, more delicate envelopes betraying their contents. You glance at the open letters. You know better than to snoop, but your anger towards Rose and your burning curiosity say otherwise. You lunge for them, and all sense of the outside world begins to ebb away...

Friendship Necklace
& Owl Mania

Hey jammers! Akachip8967 here posting today's Jamaa scoops! Today's new items are the Friendship Necklace, sold in Jam Mart Clothing for 350 gems and the Pizza Counter, sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 550 gems. Happy shopping! ^.^
I love the new owls so much! They are so cute and I can't wait to get my owl! It would have been nice of AJHQ gave us more animal slots in this update because I don't want to delete my one of my favorite animals to purchase the owl. Hopefully, AJHQ add more animal slots in the next update!