Sunday, February 1, 2015

Spirit Artwork #16

You are exploring the underwater expanse known as Kani Cove. You playfully frolic about the colorful plants swaying in the current. As you continue, you begin to notice objects strewn across the seafloor. Splintered pieces of wood, broken barrels, worn pieces of cloth, all topped with a layer of corals and barnacles. A massive shadow looms over you as you edge closer to the abandoned objects. You look up. An eerie sunken ship obstructs your view of the sun. Cautiously, you enter the vessel through a large hole in the side. Seaweed hangs from the ceiling; barnacles line the walls. Among the scattered objects inside are a tattered unrecognizable flag, a large cracked vase, a globe, a treasure chest... You open the treasure chest, hoping to find glorious riches, but all it contains is a few papers. You decide to inspect them...

Lovely artwork sent in by Ryan! I love how the items are accurate to the game, but somehow, you've added your own style twist to them. The neat lines, colors and expressions help make each character unique. 

A wonderful piece by akotaspirit! One can truly feel the tension between Knight and Pouncing as they bound for the finish line. The poses help give a sense of movement to this friendly bout of competition.

A cute, yet sassy cat princess sent in by snowflakeyoyo212! The expression on her face, coupled with the object she is holding, really makes the viewer wonder... The simple shading is also very nice. 

By lucykate651! The bright eyes of the character stand out very well against its dark fur and the dark background. They draw attention to the distant, aloof expression of this canine, as well as the teary-eyed face of the younger one. The high-contrast shading gives a feeling of foreboding.  

Pretty good for your first-ever fullbody drawing, Kelly! You've got the head down; I'd suggest adding more bend to the legs. Your lines are also very smooth. Great job!

Amazing arctic wolf art by Luckyclover8989! I adore the shading on the grey part of the fur, as well as the subtle gradient shading on the white part. The lineart is very nice and neat, too.

If you'd like to check out some of my artwork, check out my deviantART or my Youtube. If you'd like your art to be featured, then please send it to!

Hmm, well, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make myself a namecard thingamajig... Do you  peeps like it?


  1. Cool art. I also DO like your new image signature.

  2. FIRST!


    The blog has lots of lag and....

    Congrats Shadow for getting to be a poster! xx

  3. Hi shadow charizard! Did u used to have a youtube called rainbow charizard? I am sorry if it is obvious or offensive. I really love your artwork!!!! How can i enter my artwork on this blog? I really would like to as it is such an amazing blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Ava683 (<- Animal jam user)

    Ps: What is my beta bubblegum machine and my bronze giraffe statue worth put TOGHETHER? Some peeps are saying beta bubblegum machine is worth camp's frog, beta television, beta table, rc car, mechanical angel helmet, flower carpet , blue vines. Other people are saying a long wrist or a beta swing if i add tiny... I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS WORTH!!!! And as for the bronze giraffe statue it is the same disagreeing answer :C I am SO confused anyone plz jag me if u know what a beta bubblegum machine is worth or a bronze giraffe statue. IM STUCK *_*

  4. Together, they're worth quite a lot but idk WHAT items

  5. Hey, Ava, if you want to get your artwork featured, just send it to
    As for youtube, yes, I am Rainbow. c:

  6. Thank you! And agreed, the art is great c:

  7. bronze girafes arn't beta but the bubble gum machine is worth a lot

  8. ikr I at first had 2 and then won 3 on the daily spin a long time ago, and then won 3 more like 3 months later and then today got 3 more!

  9. luckyclover8989 is my buddy!!

  10. Congratalations to her!!!

  11. Well done, artists! I really like the cleanness of #7. Also, I do like that signature ^-^

    Is there any other way to send artwork in? I'm positive my parents won't let me send anything via email.

  12. The Dancing Panda WebsiteFebruary 1, 2015 at 4:07 PM

    Great job everyone!


    (Make sure to check out the Blogger World Tour!

  13. I also met her at snowyclaws den!!


  15. You can also upload it onto an online picture hosting website, and then post its link into a comment replying to ShadowCharizard! :)

  16. GO SEAHAWKS!!!
    Nice artwork too.

  17. Wait what did you do wrong?...

  18. Snowy we have a problem :(

    On your Google+ Animal Jam community, we are currently being attacked by some spam group called the UTTP. Could you ban them please?

    But awesome artwork! Maybe I should finally submit some X3

  19. I was bored. I was that "bunny person" who called you stupid. I didn't mean it for you to take it literally. So sorry. Forgive me! hands out paw

  20. I'm too lazy to sign in. Anyway, please get rid of the UTTP! I agree they are so annoying. +Shinymewgal what's your name on Google Plus?


    My grandma's *last remaining* German Shepherd is named Shadow. So congratulations :)

  22. Unrelevant, but Snowy could you please ban some group called UTTP on the Animal Jam Google+ community or at least get some moderators? They are currently spamming and insulting everyone and it's extremely annoying.

  23. Oh. Next time please don't do that if you are bored, there are so many wonderful things to do. If you didn't literally mean it to be taken seriously don't write it, especially to multiple people. Also I might've not taken it seriously if you hadn't written "stupid *you*" multiple times replying to me. The world does not need more hate. If you are feeling bored watch this:
    *No I am not advertising for Coca-Cola I just that it was sweet.*


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