Friday, February 27, 2015

Fashion Friday #5 Lucky Day Looks!

    Hey Jammers, arthop here with today's Fashion Friday! Seeing how Lucky Day has come to Jamaa, I thought it would be a good theme for this Friday. First let's start off with some outfits I did!
     Here is a cute little outfit I made with my fox:

For colors I chose a light cream for base, and white bottom with green 1st swirls. And yes, I know I used a beta blanket and spikes for this, but if you don't have any of those here is another version:
For this I used the same colors and patterns, but replaced the spikes and beta blanket with the store obtainable green old blanket, green elf bracelets, and a green clover tie. 
And remember, when making a Lucky Day outfit, it doesn't always have to be green! 
For this I used a dark blue base color, light blue belly color, and yellow flame pattern to match the yellow buckle on the blue leprechaun hat. I also used a blue clover tie, and blue elf bracelets. On penguins, it is not very necessary to add a back item (well, I guess it's really not necessary on any animal lol), so I did not use one.
Okay, now let's move on to the Non-Member outfits!
Here is a more unique wolf outfit for nms, which can also look good on bunnies. (And again, if you don't have a beta blanket, a regular old blanket looks just fine too). For the base I used a dark green, and on the bottom a creamish light brown. Then she has stand-out pink eyes, with a patchwork hat, lei, woven shoes, and an old blanket. 
Now for the 2nd nm look....
Here's a sweggy lil' outfit )B3. As seen, I used dark green for base again, and that creamish light brown for the bottom... and some brown stars. The wolf is outfitted with a Hat and Curly Wig (what a mouthful!), and green clover blanket. They are hard to see, but the wolf is also wearing a rare necklace (nm), and a green/black turquoise ring (nm also).

Moving on, here is a nice nm Lucky Day outfit by round33!
I like the clover blanket with the matching underbelly color, good choice. Though this outfit is not completely matching, it looks cool and unique. 
And here we have a nice outfit by Alden1991!
I love the color choices on this! From the dark red on the sumbrero, and the matching polka dots, to the green base and green spiked collar and wrist. Then the bow puts in all together nicely. Very well done ^.^
And now, I leave you with a cute GIF:
And that's all for today, Jam on!


  1. that kitten tho...

  2. Walking sideways cause cats hate having stuff stuck to their faces by humans.

  3. Congratulations!
    -gives multi-layered wild wolf’s favorite flavor cake-

    By the way, what is your favorite cake flavor?

  4. Cute cat! It reminds me of Alden's outfit. XD

  5. yay 9th comment this is the closest I have ever gone, that cat is just.......... *melts*

  6. Tribal Bunnies AJ JamaaFebruary 27, 2015 at 3:39 PM


  7. 12th plus the cat is so adorable ^,^

  8. btw my user is nahdia2003 on aj!!

  9. Great post! All the outfits are great (I should try to recreate one)! BTW that kitten is so adorable!


  11. And, if you have any offers for a long yellow collar, JAG me! I am Familiar (no numbers or anything fancy).

  12. KITTY :D

    :Gives it it's warrior name: Cherrykit :D

  13. lol true. When I was little I dressed my cat up as a fairy princess ^.^

  14. Snowy, are you really quitting, or is that just an imposter on another blog?

    I hope you aren't, but I'm grieved if you are.

  15. Oh, good, I did my research.

    I am soooo happy you aren't leaving, Snowy <3

  16. vanilla....
    or yellow....
    with chocolate icing X3

  17. oh. I was thinking Squirrlkit because of the brown fur.


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