Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Clover Fountains and Leprechaun Gnomes

Herro, jammers!
Hungergamesrock19375, here! Gee, its felt like so long since I posted!
Anywho, today's new lucky themed items are a lovely Clover Fountain, perfect for any Lucky Day den, and a wacky little Leprechaun Gnome! Both sold in Jam Mart Furniture, but with the exception of one being 50 gems higher in price than the other. Te he X3

D'aww, doesn't the gnome look cute?
Anyway, (for those who have been asking) it's time for the winners of the last
Sorry, I didn't have time to make a document this time.
And the winners are....
Calista Law

You all did wonderful! 
(Sorry, I can not announce the winners of the Friendship Friday. I only had one post submitted in by Arthop. So, technically, she is the winner. Yay, Arthop! o3o)

Anywho, over on the DE...
The final AJ Comic on the Friendship Festival!
If you'd like to read it, click here! C:

So cute X3
Do ya'll still remember the Play Wild app? Well, Ronen AJ found a website for it!
If you'd like to check it out, click here!

And also, a discovery was submitted by Vrinky. 
Apparently, the reason AJ is bringing out those flowers in Treetop Gardens every month is because they are the flowers of that month! Even though it says Violet is February, Vrinky said she found out that it could also be Primrose. What a smart discovery!

And now, I leave you with a Written Wednesday!
I'm sure you all know that there is a new item everyday in Jamaa.
But...who sends them? (And don't say AJHQ)
The Alphas? Other Jammers? Or even Mira herself?
Where do they get the items from? 
A mysterious place on the outskirts of Jamaa?
Who knows!
But what do you think?
Hehe C:

Happy Jamming!


    *joke comment*

  2. Umm has anyone really noticed that the new owl adventure shows owls delivering on Harry Potter..?? O.o

  3. Hrmm....

    that gnome is very creepy.

    Kinda like Jeff... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. *in Harry Potter
    I had to do it I'm sorry

    ^ dat face though

  6. oh
    darn i was born to be mentally obsessed with a book
    forget i said that

  7. Now for my WW!

    I am sure you all have wondered, how do the new items in Jamaa get here? Well, I'll tell you!
    There is actually a completely different world, FAR from Jamaa, where the beings there make new items EVERY DAY! They are very good friends of the alphas. In fact, COSMO created them! They are robotic beings that are very similar to the animals of Jamaa. Cosmo had created them where there would be more of them every year. About 1000 to be exact. These robotic creatures would get a holographic message from Cosmo every week saying the new items for that week. After they get the message, they get to work! They would build and break, weave and twirl, ANYTHING to get a good representation of the items Cosmo has desired. They make these items very very VERY fast! ALMOST at the speed of light, because of Cosmo's excellent craftsmanship! After they finishes making enough items for ALL the jammers, they ship them off in a magical rocket ship, that can hold more than its size! Jamaa receives the items, and the jammers are happy! Since there are new jammers each year, they make the items again to return to the wonderful land of Jamaa!

    And that's my story! How do you guys like it? No copying, please!

  8. I like it but one question.
    Why 1000 of the robot things?
    Wouldn't the industry work better with more?

  9. My WW:
    Not far over Jamaa's borders, in the mountains of a land called Tambar, lay a large building. The peeling paint and broken windows made it nearly inhabitable. This was the factory. The enslaved phantoms where hard at work making the items for Lucky Day. From clover blankets, to leprechaun gnomes.
    The guards walked silently across the dirt floor, their faces unreadable, their bodies stiff. The cool breeze blew through the broken windows, rustling their fur. Their weary eyes darting back and forth, around the room, looking for escaping phantoms. Obviously the phantoms did not enjoy it here... one more then others. The old phantom had been here since he was young. He was captured by one of the Jammers in the Canyons Pathway. He hadn't been causing any trouble, but marveling at Jamaas lush greenery and landscaping. Smelling the salty air blowing from the ocean nearby..... But once the Jammer had caught him, she wouldn't let go. She carried the defeated phantom straight to the Alphas. He was then sent away to the factory.
    Back in the factory, Medieval, one of the guards, had caught an escaping phantom, and stuck him into the holding cell where the bad ones where kept... Medieval trotted over to the locked doorway, and took position. All the other guards walked towards him, and into their positions, as well. Medieval hesitantly unlocked the large doors, opening them wide, while Enchanted (another guard) held back the phantoms and kept them working. She pushed them back and held her sword in her jaws, slashing it at them violently, but controlled. She did not want to hurt the phantoms. She then, with help from two other guards named Wretched and Infinity, loaded marked crates with the items inside into large wheel-barrow type things. These things where called Driffs. The Driffs had four wheels, with a harness so that the animals could pull them to Jamaa. Twenty arctic wolves waited outside. They would bring the items to Jamaa. The arctic wolves where capable of putting on their harnesses, possibly with some help from a few stray monkeys. Once all the Driffs where loaded, the arctic wolves headed to Jamaa. They where very tired, legs burning. They ignored the pain and walked on, keeping their eyes on what little they could see of Jamaa, far in the distance.

    *All the guards are wolves.

  10. @everyone

    Hello jammers! Snowyclaw here and I just wanted to say that qtangel scammed me; I don't not hope to cause drama but its true. I know it's just my 4 non rare headdresses but it's ok.

  11. Thanks so much Hungergames! Winning last week was such an honor! Sorry, but I can't think of anything this week. This is a true mystery!

  12. WHAT!? Your 4 NON RARE headdresses? If I see that scammer I will rip em' to shreds for you. :P How did they scam you? Trust trade? Flash trade? Gift me and I gift back? Best gift wins? I will send ya somethin' Snowy, Im a HUGE fan. :)

  13. This isn't snowy :/

  14. When you recycle an animal from that thing and they "supposedly" delet never to be seen again. No. The animals go to "the factory"! Owned by... Who know? Phantoms, bad alphas??An awful place wher you work all day for no pay whatsoever! And there is only one way out! But rarely any animals EVER get out! At the factory they are told by.. The big loud speecher you sometimes here at the grocerie store?? Ya that. The voice is kinda raspy and dry. Shouting at them to make this or that!!!! And the ones that can't work fast or hard enuogh get dragged away by misterius cloaked figures never to be seen again! Where are they dragged? No one knows.....



  16. Your not Snowy? O,O And how did you guys tell its a fake? I'm confused.

  17. Маленький кролик 24February 25, 2015 at 8:54 AM

    Great story, but I think it puts too much spookiness onto a kid's game. Now people can't get rid of their animals ever again or buy stuff :P

  18. Маленький кролик 24February 25, 2015 at 8:57 AM

    I can see that this is a BIG. FAT. LIE.

    Snowyclaw would NEVER EVER EVER do something like this.

  19. Маленький кролик 24February 25, 2015 at 8:59 AM

    Because Snowyclaw can log into her account to comment and, c'mon, would she do that?

  20. Маленький кролик 24February 25, 2015 at 9:15 AM

    Let's try a WW (paws crossed that I win)

    Long ago, in a little house, deep in the forest of Jamaa, there was a fox. She was an older fox, her kids all grown, but she had one hobby: knitting. She would sit and knit clothes for her grandchildren (there are many of them), clothes for her children, clothes for anyone. She loved to knit clothes. Then one day, her husband came and said, "There are too many knit things in this house! We need to get rid of some of them." The little fox thought for a moment, then said, "Why don't we sell them to the people of Jamaa? You go to town every day to get us milk and bread (they lived on that and their chickens), so why not take my clothes too?" The other fox was always ready for some more money, so he loaded his truck full of clothes and off he was. He found a nice little shop that said "FOR SALE!" so he paid the nice kangaroo who owned it some gems and went in. He dusted a little, fixed a broken shelf or too (he always had a toolbox at the ready), and then put all the clothes on display. He changed the "SOLD" poster for a sign that said "OPEN." Animals wearing rags rushed in and got the best clothes they could! They paid him well for it, and with the money he went to get the milk and bread. Now when demand for the old clothes wore down, that clever knitting fox made a new kind. Every day she would think and think, then she would make something new. The animals loved her! Soon they had so much money that they got a pick-up truck, so that they things could be taken to town faster.

    so tired of typing now....

    I'm comment on this how furniture gets here later.

  21. Because we get about 1000 new jammers each year! XD

  22. WW:
    In a land far to the east of jamaa lives a colony of animals that cannot be found in jamaa. They live similar lives to those of Jamaa, but with different items animals and dens and games. but this was a long time ago. These days you could travel east for a million years and never find it... because 200 years ago it vanished. Soon it was forgotten, buried deep in the minds of the deceased, because no one can live 200 years. But before its disappearance, Jamaa and this land, known as Kirewn, were close partners in trade. They traded items that the others didn't have. After Kirewn vanished, there was no new items in Jamaa for a while. But one day, a new item appeared in stores. Then another. Old items started leaving as soon as new ones came. Before all those who remembered kirewn died, there were rumors that Kirewn wasn't gone, just underground. Animals traveled in search for Kirewn for years, with no luck. Now there are few books left that mention Kirewn, all of those that remain are safely tucked among the ancient relics in the temple of zios. Every now and then an animal reads these, and learns about the mysterious disappearance. They run around informing animals, and a big search happens. None of these are successful and soon it quiets back down to ignorance. but somehow, kirewn and Jamaa are still trading items, still providing each other with items that are unavailable to the other. When an old item returns, it's when Kirewn is done with it and is sending it back. Unreleased items are really unreleased, they are just samples from Kirewn, a few items that come before they mean to send them. But the real mystery is, who delivers and receives the items if no one is aware about Kirewn's existence? We may never know how they actually get there, but now you know where they come from.

    My Aj Username is myfuzzykins

  23. A lot of creativity must have went into this!

  24. P.S.: Part of the rumors is that the phantoms traveled far to find more victims and forced Kirewn to move below ground, if that is true an entrance was never found.


  25. guys, u know that glitch where u cant go to your friends den and u have 2 reload? well it just happened to me.... but i was goung to MY den....

  26. Look at mah story!

  27. Brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT post!

    Congrats to all the winners - winners please reply to this comment saying a random sentence of the day! I will say congrats again if you make it the BEST RANDOM SENTENCE OF THE DAY!

  28. It has done that to me, even going to MY DEN, countless times. No biggie.


  30. Can you read my WW? i won the monday mystery not this time but last week, and also im gonna win this monday mystery to, my story is the featured comment :D

  31. Brilliant idea but it's sad as well :(

  32. Your reading everyone's but mind...

  33. Wonderful effort! Paws crossed for all of you! But Arthop, you already won XDD

  34. Good story! Chins up for 5yoyo to win!

  35. please read my story i used my entire biology period to write it

  36. How do you make the crossed-out words, I only can do it on a word document, not on comments :(


  38. Bilogy period, what's that?

  39. Biology, your know science

  40. Where is yours?!

  41. Near the top its the newest one at the top

  42. I won a MM too, or a WW or FF or TT, grr so confusing, my English skills mean it's probably WW though....

  43. Thanks! I tried to make it unique, i like the vanishing land


    First of all, fab for the guy who suggested the flower thing, it's like the birthstone thing, yippee, my birthstone is Pearl and my flower is Rose (I think - I didn't check the flower graph, brb)

    Uh, I can't see. I see it says June but what's the flower meant to be....?

  45. Awesome, i won the one with cosmo! I i think i won the one with how the plants live, its the featured comment there, maybe you saw it

  46. yep june is rose, im lily of the valley!

  47. MY WW:

    The Alphas work together to create the items! How they arrive in stores is below:

    Cosmo - makes flowers grow. He is in charge of Treetop Gardens items, and sometimes plants at parties.

    Graham - he is the main creator. He can make anything using cogs, hatchets and screws!

    Liza - she supervises on the working, making sure nobody is skiving or anything like that! Also she contributes to the Jam Mart Furniture items.

    Peck - She attaches springs because she is so bouncy! She is also in charge of pet stalls and cleaning the Pet Wash from dog hair, but that's another story!

    Sir Gilbert - He is in charge of clothing items and the bric-a-brac at the Diamond Shop!

    Greely - He is in charge of Adventure Base Camp items, such as the Phantoms for sale and anything else! Also he supplies Beta Party items!


    They hire teams of eagles and owls and give them keys to get into the stores, then the eagles take the items! They use a sprinkling of magic to assist them though!


  49. Yes I won the plant one as well!

  50. Sorry I did see it, I must have glitched down :(

  51. Yes, but how were you on the computer on a AJ blog....?

  52. July is larkspur, a pretty purple flower

  53. D'awww thanks! You're the greatest, I'm following you

  54. we use laptops and ipads for out learning targets, im in 7 grade

  55. Im just posting as a guest... sorry i iwhs i had my own ac but i dont

  56. So i guess were the same! I love to write so thats why i decided to start entering the writing contests here!a plus is my mom says that they are a great idea

  57. I really, REALLY love it.

  58. I love writing too!

  59. All the flowers:
    January: Carnations
    Febuary: violets
    March: Daffodil
    April: Daisy
    May: Lily of the valley
    june: rose
    July: larkspur
    Augest: Poppy
    ANd you know what? This is too time consuming i will leave it at that

  60. Hehe thanks bye Im leaving 2!

  61. My birthstone is emerald

  62. My WW: Mira makes items! She calls birds like woodpeckers, and other "creative" birds, then shares ideas. Then (often) a bird adds something interesting to an item, so they all look different. Tropical birds like macaws create colors for items. Owls and other birds with "good" eyes look after the progress. Hummingbirds bring it to shops and finally, "loud" birds spread the word.
    Hope you love it!
    by Katia9

  63. My WW: Far off, away from me and you, hidden up high, but its also underground. A mysterious place, where a small group of animals are hard at work. A owl, named Winry, is leader. Shes very shy, almost in the tree house part of the "Factory" all the time. When a item is recycled, its sent to these animals. They store the items you recycle in a large room that's underground, called "The recycled item room" Recycled items are put back in Jamaa when you are reworded in the Forgotten Desert, Return Of The Phantoms on hard, and any other item rewording thing, the item you get once was recycled, by a jammer. When new items need to be made, Winry and her team go to work as we speak, pounding, sewing, fixing, designing, carving, painting, and sculpting. Items such as the skully, when they were deleted, Winry went through a very time consuming plan. She had to steal EVERY skully from the jammers that had one. Well we where asleep, in the cover of night, she went flying. Into our dens, silently taking them. Then flying away, no trace of her presence ever being there, other then a missing skully. When animals awoke, they found there skully missing. Only one animal ever knew they where taken by a flying creature. A reddish brown feather. Sitting next to them. That was there clue. The skullies were burnt, only leaving dust. The new items are put in shops by a strong male eagle named King, he carries a loud of items in his talons when there's a new item made, putting them in shops. They cant work that fast, so there's not a new item everyday. Even though owls just recently came to Jamaa, 2 owls have bean here for a long time. That's Rose, the owl alpha, and Winry. All our items, all our rares, were made for us, by that small group of animals, that are now known as "The item forgers".

    That's my WW! Hope you liked it! By the way, my username is Tigerclaw50114.

  64. I'm guessing Mira had plans to rotate items, so she had some premade..

  65. Written Wednesday: Who brings all of the items to Jamaa?
    I think that peck designs all of the items for Jamaa, and then all of the other animals craft and make them with her, and then they are put in stores. Then when they go out of stock, Peck and the animals re-craft them until they are ready to be put back in stores.
    They sure take a long time crafting the steampunk monocles.

  66. wow so creative -.- Check out mine i worked on it for like an hour, its down below

  67. Don't make the -.- face! It's just their idea.

  68. Lol i like steampunk monocle comment there, can you real mine, i spent like an hour oin it, its down below

  69. No hard feelings toward ya. :)
    Thanks for being nice, too. I have had many negative replies to my comments over the months.

  70. Thanks! ^.^
    I'll read yours!

  71. Awesome!!! ^.^
    I like the story!

  72. Somebody You Don't KnowFebruary 25, 2015 at 1:24 PM

    Heyyoooo, I have a totally irrelevant and sad story for you all! I just wanted to post this, it's a really inspirational story :)


    I am Skye. Skye Harmony Avery. This is my story of betrayal, torture, and hatred.

    It all started, on that fateful day. 19th March 1999. I was born. Born to a monster. A creature of pure evil: my mother. She abused me. Since my 5th birthday, she has been forcing me to slave away, doing every little chore. From cleaning up even the slightest mess to moving everything, everything in a room to a different one to suit her liking, I did everything. Not just the chores, though. I did everything to get her to love me. She hated me. But I still loved her. Even though she beat me, even though she hurt me, even though she forced me to do things I didn't want to, I still forgave her. I couldn't give up on her. She was my mother. She was the only reason I was alive.

    Things didn't get any better.

    I was still abused. My mother got a divorce from my father when I was only two years old. I never knew him that much, but I know he was kind. Kind enough to try to rescue me from this hell that I lived in.

    When he came, I was so excited. I was so excited that I couldn't help but cry tears of joy. But my mother heard him, and shot him dead. I saw my father, dead before my very eyes. Those tears of joy became tears of sadness. For a long time, I mourned my father. At the age of 11, I summoned up the courage to call the police.

    They came, and I was moved to an orphanage. I thought it was finally my chance, to be free and away from the torturous grasp of my mother. I was adopted by a couple with no children soon.

    I think I'm just unlucky. At first, it was a wonderful time. I was happy. They were happy. We were a family now, and I didn't have to do any chores. Because of them, I was able to fly. Yet, I get shot down, moments after taking off.

    I was moved to a new school, unlike my past school. It was full of bullies. I was tortured because of my size and how skinny I was; not slim, but only flesh and bone. I was rarely fed. I was no different to them! Why did they do that to me?Things worsened at home, too. My new parents grew to hate me, for not putting on any weight. They wanted me to be the perfect model. They beat me. I wasn't what they wanted.

    I started cutting at 14, only 2 years ago. I don't know how long I put up with that torture. But I was still cutting.

    There was no hope.

    No place for me.

    No friends, no real family.


    I attempted suicide many times.

    All failures.

    But one attempt worked. I was rushed to hospital, as a person saw me laying on the ground, in a pool of my own blood. I was covered in cuts, deep gashes and I was bleeding everywhere. Even internally. But the biggest wound was my bleeding heart. It was taken and nurtured by my new parents, then crushed by their greed and selfishness.

    I awoke in a hospital bed, covered in bandages. Tears ran down my face as a look of despair spread across it.

    Why couldn't I die?

    I wanted to leave this hell!

    I couldn't put up with this!

    I limped out of bed, grabbed a scalpel from a nearby table and cut myself. I wrote - in my own blood - a message on the wall.

    It read:
    ' I'm sorry I couldn't be who you wanted me to be.'

    I then collapsed on the floor, again in a pool of my own blood. Doctors and nurses rushed in to see my finally peaceful body.
    I left it all behind me.


    Right, that's the end. A message to all experiencing similar things: Don't give up. Don't give up on life just because it's bad. Like all storms, it will end. Stay strong, friends.

  73. I can't seem to find any catastophist/creationist books on dinosaurs! :(

  74. Somebody You Don't KnowFebruary 25, 2015 at 1:39 PM


  75. I'm sure it's not a reference, but it's similar.
    Did you know that the scientific name of the dinosaur Dracorex is hogwartsia?

  76. This post makes me cringe! Serously? AJS has got really bad. This post is just full of rubbish we don't need to know about XD

    Give us the new items, and all the stuff about Jamaa, and that's all. You need to work on keeping ur posting neat and tidy.

  77. Not

    (except for a few lessons in my fith grade science book that we got rid of because it's old)

  78. Stop being rude. AJS is doing what they're supposed to do, which is post about the new things in Jamaa.

  79. Not being rude, was better when Snowy just posted:(

  80. Sorry.
    It just sounded mean, especially to the person who posted today.
    And snowyclaw did post interesting things that she learned.

  81. Just a reminder, I intend to not have hard feelings toward you. :)

  82. I miss Snowyclaw posting because these new authors just ain't doing the PERFECT job :( gawd I miss the days with snowy! Akachip, well Tigerlypaws now is fine but these new authors just dont dont make mefeel excited about jamaa

  83. I see what you mean, but using words like rubbish an things are a bit harsh.

  84. Every day I read Snowy's post and I ALWAYS wanted to head into Jamaa and check out the updates, no I don't

    I do enjoy Smile's posts, Tigerlypaws' posts and Snowy's post the best

  85. Маленький кролик 24February 25, 2015 at 2:27 PM


    uhg I just nearly scream cried at your comment! You try blogging in front of millions!

  86. Маленький кролик 24February 25, 2015 at 2:29 PM

    She said that she's snowy and that she got scammed

  87. If you don't have anything nice to say about our posts, kindly don't say anything at all.

  88. Маленький кролик 24February 25, 2015 at 2:45 PM


    hey wanna go to the chat and roleplay?

  89. Маленький кролик 24February 25, 2015 at 2:45 PM


  90. I know, as Thumper always said "If ya can't say anything nice, don't anything at all"

  91. Cool fact on the flowers!
    I hope they continue doing this

  92. I know!
    I think September's looks awesome C:

  93. Маленький кролик 24February 25, 2015 at 3:04 PM

    I'm on a phone so slow typing

  94. ihaenoName more like Ihavenolife screw u

  95. He's commented on my posts before. He always complains about how my posts are rubbish.

  96. Wow, freedom of speech does not include this mistreatment

  97. Thanks. I finally got diqus! Now gemmarocks can follow me like she wanted to, lol XD

  98. I think I know for your question.*

    Mira thinks of the items, creates the items, and hands it down to the Alphas to put in stores.

    So, it's kind of a mix of Mira and the Alphas for this guess.


  100. Thank you for choosing me as one of the winners!

  101. Honestly, do you have a thing against Hunger or something? Because I think she is a great blogger with original style. I'd like to see you post somewhen, if you think you'd do a better job of it so much.

  102. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE STORY OF STUFF~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    once upon a time, in the land of jamaa, in a small village (it was just a bunch of caves, holes and treetops), in a teeny tiny, bland cave in an even TINIER, though, artistic bedroom, sat a young, imaginative fox.

    She was much unique from the others in her school, she was always dreaming off into vast lands of the mind that never existed, lands with extraordinary creations. This fox's young imagination wasn't accepted by anyone whatsoever, the other jammers teased her of such ridiculous ideas, and even when she was in charge of hunting dinner for the family, everyone starved on these nights because the food she made didn't consist enough meat, so it was just thrown out the back. (though all they had was some overgrown vines behind their cave)

    Mira, a thoughtful, wise heron sensed something special in this fox, something that would change jamaa forever, so one day, while the fox was coming home (or cave) from school, she sensed mysterious waves, as if someone was calling her, (by using waves BD) so she followed it.

    Some other stuff happened on her way, yada yada yada but those aren't important.
    Anyway, she reached an isolated plain, then she saw Mira, the most graceful, elegant thing she had EVER seen (mainly because she hasn't seen much elegance in her life anyway)

    Here's the conversation they had:

    Fox: why have you brought me here?
    Mira: to for fill your destiny
    Fox: what IS my destiny?
    Mira: to become , FOXI the JUMPSCARER! ):D
    Fox: 0.0
    Mira: joking, i just play fnaf too much
    Fox: O.O
    Mira: never mind that, anyway, your destiny is to let your imagine FREE!
    Fox: but i LOVE my imagination! D: why free it?
    Mira: :slaps face: to create all your CREATIONS from your imagination!
    to inspire others to be CREATIVE just like YOU!
    Fox: but i don't think they WANT to be like me
    Mira: :sigh: they will if you show them your true POTENTIAL!
    Fox: oh, how do i do that?
    Mira: by becoming an alpha
    Fox: don't special jammers become alphas?
    Mira: fine, a MINOR alpha
    Fox: how?

    Mira gave the fox all the special things alphas get (or at least minor alphas get) and taught her how to act like one, Mira set up a ceremony, in the fox's on village!

    There everyone MARVELED at all the fancy gadgets and everyone was inspired to make their own and they were called, item, clothes and furniture!

    Now you may be wondering who the fox's name is, well its...

    Amira. (sorry i don't know how amira acts, sorry its so long :T)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  103. Sorry guys, made a mistake, not amira, amelia is the name of the fox, sorry :I

  104. For a second, I thought you ment this factory was supposed to be like "The Rainbow Factory" o3o

  105. Right, thx the comment was deleted, soz boz!

  106. All you do is complain all day, I bet.
    These people work hard in this blog and keep it going well. You would know that if you took the time to notice it.
    We don't need to know your opinion.

  107. You clearly said AJS was bad. Reread your comment .-.

  108. You do realize Snowy is very busy in life with school, studying, and her job, right? She needs new authors to keep the blog going. Besides, nobody is perfect. Thats a fact you should know by now .-.

  109. Hmm,here is a little story I figured I'd put on how animal jam items are put in ^-^

    In the small slowly growing cluster of villages in Jamaa, there lived a group of animals who knew only the ways of anger, for the animals together would celebrate holiday festivities and celebrations only with their own kind,but the villages on each side was low on certain resources, and though they celebrated with great joy, gifts were very rare. In a small cottage was a wolf, the wolf would create all sorts of beautiful paintings, but had nothing to paint but the now crammed wall, she wallowed in sadness. In another cottage was a bunny, the bunny was wonderful at gardening many flowers, but hadn't a single place to put them, and they remained in her yard with no room to grow more, she too was very sad. Then there were 2 cottages, in one a tiger, in the other, a panda, the tiger was wonderful at making vases and pots, but with no flowers they had no use but collecting dust, the panda, was wonderful at carving elaborate designs, but all the rock was much too hard to carve, and she ran out of wood, the 2 animals were also very sad. Finally, just along the sea shore was a seal, the seal was one of the defenders of the water, so the other animals could not get any, but she often grew lonesome and sad at the fact nobody else could see or use her beautiful clear water, and she too was horribly sad. One day the tribes were going along with their normal life,they did the usual, snarling at any different species they past, but then, the sky darkened, and the phantoms arrived, the tribes were terrified. They scattered about, running into different animals, a final chance to live...a small cave was just under the large cliff that bordered the land, all the animals ran together, huddling in the cave, and defending one another, they finally knew what it meant to feel friendship, and peace. Then in a flash, the alphas appeared, they defeated the phantoms, and when the animals saw how well the different animals worked in a team, they each swore to be peaceful, and to prove their loyalty to this oath, they got their best workers, the one who had been sad but with great talent, to get together and present something to represent each tribe in one peace. The animals cheerfully got together, and combining their talents, on the first day of spring the animals gathered in the middle of the clusters of the villages, and the 5 animals presented their work; a beautifully carved vase, painted in elegance, and with lovely flowers which soaked in clear healthy water,the animals rejoiced and danced in celebration, they aggried to call the new and shared land Jamaa, after all the music that had been played. The animals presented their vase with flowers to Mira,who agreed to forever preserve the creation to remind the animals of their oath. Each day all animals would help make new items and things,together. Every day new items would enter the now bustling and wonderful stores, be it clothes or den items, they all were made by fellowship. Now it is a tradition to each day make a new item to represent the still going treaty of equality, and with the return of the phantoms, jammers are working harder than ever to live up to their ancestors promise; that all jammers,big and small, land and water, are equal. ^-^ thank you


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