Friday, August 31, 2012

Monkey Jungle Gym

Hey jammers! Today's new item is a Jungle Gym (how fitting!), sold at the shop in the Monkeys Only (Jungle) party.
Thank you for sending all the screenshots in, it was very helpful! TheSafari07 was the first with the picture submitted. 
Plus I forgot to mention the other items at the Monkey Party.
^.^ Sorry for the shot post today jammers, I have an interesting article to share with you tomorrow though, don't worry!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monkeys, Pets, and More

Click here to see the complete Jamaa Journal!

Hey jammers! Wow, so much is going on. Sadly no shamans/alphas, but maybe next update! This update, however, is all about monkeys. Now everyone can have their own monkey!
 Can you believe it? We donated 100 MILLION gems to the monkeys of Jamaa. Well done jammers! I wonder what the next endangered animal will be. Which one do you think?
With the monkey returning the Monkeys Only Party has arrived in Jamaa! Click here for complete info on the party.
Pet monkeys will come September 1st as the Monthly Member gift, not sure how it is going to work though. . .
Brady Barr has new monkey-themed videos, go to his lab in the Temple of Zios to check out these cool  new factoids.
 A new store has come to Jamaa, the Treetop Gardens! Much like Coral Corner the stores seems to sell plants.
 An old rare and two new leafy additions! It appears the fly trap, bamboo, and potted plants may return as well.
It seems the Summer Carnival will be gone by next update, to bad I don't have time to get many of the items by then. >.<
 Luckily you can now purchase tickets with gems, but I'm going to have a tough time finding any time to earn either.
Yikes, pricey. And I'm broke. ^.^
Check out the Costume Corner in Jammer Central for the new Mythical Giraffe costume possible on all member giraffes.
AJHQ is still working on the den contests, perhaps next update! Also, here's a funny glitch I saw with the servers.
Wacky huh? There is also a new calender to check out in Jammer Central, lots of good info can be found there.
And finally the new double gems game, Long Shot.
Hope you like the update jammer, happy jamming!

Monkeys Only Party

Hey jammers! Here's the need to know info on the Monkeys Only Party. First, it is made up of rainforest canopy. Leaves, branches, vines and open sky make up the whole party, it's a very natural scene! Quite beautiful, don't you think?
 There is a neat little music shop in the left treetops.
Near the center is the banana hut, click bananas for your own!
The left and right branches hole monkey plushie machines.
What do you think of the party, jammers? I think it's a pretty neat and jamaasian place to hang out with your monkey buds. ^.^

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mushroom Chair

Hey jammers! The new item of the day is the Mushroom Chair, sold for members only in Jam Mart Furniture. You like?
Also, here is today's AJHQ Daily Explorer post.
Also, there were able to respond to my Alpha questions.
I'm very happy they were able to reply to what I asked, thank you Josh! ^.^ And it also made me realize my mistake. By taking away the word "shamans" AJHQ has made the game approachable for all religions. Also, the world "alpha" means "first" or "beginning" and isn't that what each of the animal leaders is? Peck was the first rabbit, Liza the first panda, ect.

Not to mention the fact that it takes away a human aspect (shaman = person) and replaces it with a more animal related term (alpha =  animal ranking). We should be thankful that AJHQ even considered returning the shamans/alphas to Jamaa, they really do listen to us you guys. Be sure to send them a thank you at some point, for this wonderful world of Jamaa.

With the start of the school year Goldfishypuppy will be helping me with the daily posts, I hope that's alright. I'm sorry I didn't have time to do author try outs this summer, they take a lot of time and I didn't have that. Also, Goofy8966 is retiring from her job as Spirit Jammer, as she, like me, is running out of AJ time. Thank you for all your help on AJS goofy!

At this time I'd also like to invite ducier to become a Spirit Jammer, I'm sure you all have noticed her commenting around the blog. Keep up the great work ducier and next time I see you around Jamaa we can get your picture up on AJS.

New artwork on the Spirit Art mini blog!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mushroom Table

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Mushroom Table being sold in Jam Mart Furniture. What do you think of it?
To bad it's not nonmember. :( Here are some posts from AJHQ.
AJHQ also responded to my question about the shamans changing to alphas, but only a pre-typed email. >.<
Now I'd like to talk about the upcoming school year. I hope you guys will keep visiting, I'll try and keep posting, but posts may be later. A good friend of mine, Goldfishypuppy, has offered to help me with the daily posts. Is that alright with you guys?

Yes, she is a friend, but Goldy is also an experienced blogger (she ran a daily blog, Animal Jam Freedom, for a while and is now working on a lessons of AJ blog). She is also up at earlier hours, and has a bit more time to post than I do normally.

I'll still do all update posts and some daily posts, I just don't have all the time I wish I had. I'm sorry I didn't hold author sign-ups, I will do those for sure next summer. Until then I hope you guys keep visiting Animal Jam Spirit.
See you around Jamaa. (\^o^/)

New artwork on the Spirit Art mini blog!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Rare Lei and . . . Alphas?

Hey jammers! Today's new "rare" item is the Rare Lei on the second page of Jam Mart Clothing. Nonmember item!
I guess I click the store too fast and this popped up.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mine Shaft Door

Hey jammers! A fun new (sadly member) item is now being sold in Jam Mart Furniture, the Mine Shaft Door!
What a jamtastic addition to the Enchanted Hollow, I bought one right away! Meanwhile it seems that some are confused on how to submit to the News Crew contest.
Write your article in a writing application.
Make sure it's below 250 words and has correct spelling.
Take a good sized screenshot with your turtle.
Click here if you need help with how to do that.
 Go to the Jammer Central in Jamaa Township.
 Click "Submit Your Work."
Copy and paste your News Crew article into the writing box and then attach your screenshot by clicking the "+" button. Good luck with the writing jammers, see you around Jamaa!

New artwork on the Spirit Art mini blog!