Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monkeys Only Party

Hey jammers! Here's the need to know info on the Monkeys Only Party. First, it is made up of rainforest canopy. Leaves, branches, vines and open sky make up the whole party, it's a very natural scene! Quite beautiful, don't you think?
 There is a neat little music shop in the left treetops.
Near the center is the banana hut, click bananas for your own!
The left and right branches hole monkey plushie machines.
What do you think of the party, jammers? I think it's a pretty neat and jamaasian place to hang out with your monkey buds. ^.^


  1. Replies
    1. i am tooooooooooo happy the monkeys are back and the party soo coool

    2. Bananaananana annananananananana

      Ok I'm done.


    3. Hi snowyclaw!!!!! i like the monkey party!! Very kewl!!! ^-^ t-hee!!!

  2. I have a monkey too!

  3. I can't get on for 3 .5 when is the next party?

  4. ☼pielover4ever☼August 30, 2012 at 5:19 AM

    DX i have to go to school now, hopefully i can go to the party after school

  5. It looks so pretty! But small.....Awww....I wish I could go to a place like that! :o

  6. Click on the hut door it is a shore with banana trees and monkey rugs.

    1. Hey, your the person who sent me the rare monday item!! Thanks!!

  7. Monkey only party looks like a great place!!
    I would be really cool to go there :)
    Your lost friend, XxSpiritHolderxX

  8. Thx 4 the info snowy! Looks like a pretty awesome party!


  9. Cool party! I went there and bought a banana tree and the music!

  10. I don't see how your blog is so popular. It's just like any other one. I think its popular becuz it was the first but I have seemed some blogs that are way better.

  11. Hey keep ur comments to yourself plz!
    I bet u wouldn't like it if u were a skilled bloger and somebody just said: I know better blogs then yours!
    Really keep that opinion in your mind peeps. Btw if your not that big of a fan of snowy why do you visit this blog ? Just to right bad comments?


  12. Hey snowy, I find one glitch when I was to buy from Jam Mart Furniture! The picture of the stuff did not appear, but down at all pictures wrote: ”Rare”. And when I saw my gems, they was: 999,999,999. You believe it?


  13. The worst glitch is when Princess Orangemountain shows up!!! :P
    Also i can't wait to get a pet monkey!

  14. I say epicnesss epicness epicness

  15. on that glitch once it said princess prettylily....wierd... anyway yay! a new oppertunity to use the crazy glitch! awesome....- sparkly lightning


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