Friday, November 30, 2012

Jamaalidays on the Horizon

Hey jammers! Today's new (returning rare) item is the Lifeguard's Whistle. You can buy one in Bahari Bargains!
The Jamaalidays are just around the corner, and AJHQ is going to be giving daily gifts, I'll update the post when I see today's.
There are also cool Animal Jam WOLF posters available in Animal Jam Outfitters, a perfect holiday gift for a sibling.
 Also, regarding why AJHQ is making memberships. Animal Jam is in large part collaborated with National Geographic Kids, but Smart Bomb is the company who runs the actual site. They have tons of employees and expenses to cover, that's why we have memberships! Gift card deals with stores bring in more money, and I'm sure a lot of that money goes to big cat conservation. :) International sales are probably a future goal, but oversea shipping/out of country deals are a huge hassle. Animal Jam is a wonderful site, and I'm sure the adults know what they're doing.

They also love to hear your feedback, it's what has made Jamaa evolve! Just be sure to be nice about your complaints, they have a tough job. Anyhay, who's looking forward to the Jamaalidays?

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Snow Leopards

Hey jammers! New page with today's half update, all about the Snow Leopard membership. But first, the new item!
You can pick up a pair of Sunglasses in Jam Mart Clothing. I have a feeling these aren't going to be very popular, it seems glasses have never really taken off. Maybe because head items are more preferred? Perhaps if there were eye and head items...
Here is today's new newspaper headline! Like AJHQ said in the email I posted about yesterday these cards will be sold only in select Target stores around the U.S. (I'm guessing in-store only).
They also sent out a big newsletter, to spread the word!
Finally there are also two new posts on the Daily Explorer, one on jammer art and the other on Snow Leopards.
 What do you think of today's item everyone? And why do you think AJHQ is so focused on membership cards recently? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this puzzle, happy jamming!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Safes and Snow Leopards

Hey jammers! Today's new item is an underwater furniture piece, the Sunken Safe! Buy one today in Sunken Treasures.
AJHQ has done a nice little post about penguin plushies.
Now, big news, it turns out the rumors are true, Snow Leopard three month membership cards will be sold in select Target stores within the United States (sorry international jammers).
Thanks for sending this in Marianams!
Also, last question about the Arctic Wolf. Should it be my new main animal (make an Old Frozenspirit arctic wolf?) or should I leave things the way they are? Anyhoo, happy jamming!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cuckoo Clock

Hey jammers! Today's neat new item is located in the cave of Epic Wonders within the furniture orb. The Cuckoo Clock!
And now, the Daily Explorer post of the day.
 I'm still trying to figure out my Arctic Outfit, but if you guys don't want me to post about it on here, then please tell me. ^.^ Anywho, this outfit a yay - nay? Better or worse than yesterday?
 Amazing job on the stories yesterday everyone, there are so many great ideas, I do hope AJHQ read a few of them. You never know! Happy jamming everyone, see you around Jamaa.

P.S. Rumors of Snow Leopard gift cards at select Target stores are springing up!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Rare Bat Glasses

Hey jammers! Today's rare items are Rare Bat Glasses, sold on the seventh page of Jam Mart Clothing. Nonmember, yay!
AJHQ already posted about it on the Daily Explorer.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Square Glasses

Hey jammers! Today's new items are the all new Square Glasses. You can purchase a pair at Jam Mart Clothing!

AJHQ posted the winners to Peck's Art Contest.
It also turns out that the new animals coming to Jamaa are Snow Leopards, my original guess was right! Observe their name...
I'm sorry, I'm going to have to delay the behind the scenes info for another time, but the post will come, no worries!
Hope to see you around Jamaa, happy jamming!

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Princess Necklace

Hey jammers! Another clearance item from May has returned to Jamaa, the Princess Necklace, available in Jam Mart Clothing.
Nothing big has come up with regards to Pumas, we'll just have to wait for AJHQ to respond to our emails. Tomorrow I have a really cool, behind-the-scenes, post all about Smart Bomb.

Are you looking for a random way to spend time in Jamaa? Then be sure to stop by the mysterious Temple of Zios and try to make the four popping flowers become all the same color!
 It takes a while, but it's fun to see all the sparkles. ^.^
Happy jamming!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Snow Machine

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Snow Machine, a returning rare being sold in the Jam Mart Furniture shop.
There are also two new posts on the Daily Explorer. One is about the new News Crew Assignment on . . . ALPHAS!
 Good luck writing the articles everyone! Now, here are some of the actions by the Puma, brought to you by kgirl2kool.
Ninja playing skillz. . .
 Star worthy dancing prowress. . .
 Extremely pouncy bouncy hops. . .
 And adorable sitting and sleeping.
The member Puma said she got hers with her Arctic Wolf Membership card, which seems like a glitch. Seeing as she has lost her Puma (AJHQ?) it seems likely. There is, however, two nonmember Pumas in Jamaa at the moment.
One of them claims she received her Puma when she purchased the Animal Jam Wristbands. I'm not sure this is true, and I wouldn't suggest buying up wristbands willy nilly. ^.^ Lets wait until AJHQ does a post or update about this, and be sure to comment with any more news you hear. Happy jamming!

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Big Skulls and Pumas

Hey jammers! A land item that went on clearance in May of this year has returned to Jam Mart Clothing, the Big Skull!
More things have been uncovered with regards to the mysterious "big cat" on the tag of the Animal Jam Wristbands.
Rumor is that this big cat is a Puma/Cougar, the one in the picture is wearing spots much like a Snow Leopard. These will be available (at presumably Walmart) in the next couple weeks. It appears communication with certain stores is not too good, with these early releases AJHQ's updates seem off schedule...

That being said, this is what they look like! I left out this jammer's user because I think we should respect her privacy. Anywho, this is a normal jammer who was lucky enough to live near a early release store. The Puma/Cougar looks more like a kitten than a "big" cat, don't you think? ^.^
Proof that AJHQ isn't exactly ready for the new animal is the Snow Leopard pattern testing earlier today. Take a look!

It didn't show up on most animals at all (though I'm not sure about the Puma...), but Rhinos seemed quite allergic to it.
Picture courtesy of DragonFire.
My goodness! I'm sure that was pretty confusing for everyone. Luckily AJHQ fixed the glitch before it got any crazier! In other news, the Bow and Arrows have become Rare Bow and Arrows.

Does that mean there are more colors going to become available this Jamaaliday season? I certainly hope so! Last tidbit, a few jammers noticed the absence of the game River Race.

It's even gone from the Sol Arcade!
Hopefully it will return in the summertime.
Happy Feast of Thanks, happy Thanksgiving, happy Turkey Day, and happy Thursday everyone. See you in Jamaa!

New artwork is posted on the Spirit Art mini blog!