Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Claw Machine

Looks like we jammers agree, the monthly member item should definitely be a personal claw machine for the den! This would be tons of fun, you wouldn't have to even leave your den to find a rare plushie anymore. Plus, great pastime for parties in members' dens all around Jamaa!
 I just wish that nonmembers could have them too, but if AJ is to succeed as a game they need memberships. Oh well, I hope you nonmems understand. Members, you need to understand that some nonmems just can't get a membership, so they are unhappy about their rights in Jamaa.

Let's all get along, and hopefully Jamaa will be a better place for it!

Glitchy Gift Sending

Hey Jammers! This is just a minor thing, but has anyone had issues sending items? Mine has been super glitchy lately! The items just don't seem to pop up. Anyone else?
This is super annoying! What other glitches out there need to be fixed? See you in Jamaa!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Update for AJS

Lot's of new things have come for the blog! On this blog there are AJ Ponders, the Snowyclaw blog now has Rare Items, Clearance Items, and a Chip-In for Chumps group. Spirit Work has fun Online Games, Funny Videos, and pictures from Luckykate as the first post! And finally, the all new Spirit Club, join now while numbers are low! Reserve the club den for parties, and tons more! I hope you like all the new additions to AJS, the Animal Jam Spirit!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

AJ Ponders (Ed. 1)

Here is the first AJ Ponder! Let's make it a good one everyone, comment as much and as thourghley as possible, and I will continue to make AJ Ponders (thank you Mayksufi for the idea)! On Friday I will do the wrap-up comment, telling the final outcome, and I'll include my answer. Can you guess what the outcome/my answer will be? Here is the question for today.

What is your favorite animal and favorite pet? Be sure to include WHY!

What is your answer? Be the first to comment!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Talking Statues

My buddies and I were hanging out in my Tree House den, and found some fun games to play! One is making statues (and large plushies) talk.
Step 1 - make a short name 
Step 3 - have fun with
your buddies

Step 2 - hide behind a statue
or plushie

Have fun playing with your buddies in Jamaa! Don't forget to join Jamaa Spirit Club!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Secret Colors!

As everyone knows, there are tons of secrets in Jamaa. Here are some of the more colorful secrets. These colors don't appear on the color palate!
Eyes aren't
totally black!

New rhinos are a special grey color.
New bunny has red/brown
pattern color.
Strange creme color on new seals.

Grassy colored
eyes, also on
new tigers.

And then there's the secret color!
Click here to learn how.

I hope you like these colors! Show them off to your friends as you explore Jamaa. Be sure to sign up for the Jamaa Spirit Blog!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jamaa Spirit Club

The blog club is finally here! Be the first to join the Jamaa Spirit Club!! To sign up just go to the mini blog(on the Mini Blogs page) and look at the sign up steps. Or click that globe below.
Send your adventures, shout-outs, pictures, artwork, stories, and party invites to

P.S. These are new pages that you'll like on a mini blog nearby, see if you can track them down!

New Claws and Servers!

I believe these were added yesterday in response to tons of Jammers on AJ (because of update) and in Crystal Sands (cause of plushies). So AJ HQ came to the rescue! Adding more servers, as you can see from the enlarged list.
Like the mini pet shops, there are now claw machines all over Jamaa! I know there are three so far, can you find any more?
 Have fun exploring Jamaa!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Claw Machine

The Claw Machine is suddenly super popular! Well, I guess we all know why... Anyway, for those of you having trouble getting in, here is what's new.
Each time you visit the claw, the pile of stuffies change.
The bar at the top shows all animals (and original colors).
There are three different kinds of each animal, see if you can find them all!

Colored (10 colors)
Multiple for each Animal
 Good luck on plushie searching! See you in Jamaa!

Pet Wash

The newest game in Jamaa: Pet Wash! Visit Crystal Sands to give your pet the care it deserves! To start the game just click the game icon in the pet washing building. The building is in the far right of Crystal Sands, near the entrance to the Canyon Pathway.
Here is how it goes:
Pet goes onto platform.
Is sprayed by water faucet.
Add bubbles (color of choice)!

Scrubbed down with brushes.
Rinsed off.
Towel dried, but is see-through...?
Is sparkly
Have fun with the newest Jamaa game! Other update posts are found below this one.

New Pet (and pet game)

The new pet is finally here! The butterfly icons are all over Jamaa, can you find each one? I'll give you one spot to get you started:
 I already found a small rare for my furry butterfly! :D
Are speculations were right! The pet building really is a pet wash! Have fun with your pets.
Lots of new things to do in Jamaa everyone! The next post will focus on the new Pet Wash game. Have fun in Jamaa!


There are a few changes in this AJ update. As promised the Coral Canyons shop is officially closed up, no more buying things there. :(
And now Gem Ball is back to normal. The new double gem gam is Mira Says! Have some fun with that game and its new gem bonuses.
What other changes are around Jamaa? Share with us your adventures!

New Items!

 New update means new items! Tons of new stuff around Jamaa, the clothing is recycled from a while ago, but everything else is new-ish!
Wigs are the new clothing.
 Modern looking tables and lamps are now available (a twirling lamp and a floating table).
Plus nonmember floor is back, and new member wallpaper!
There is a new arcade game in Temple of Zios, Gem Ball! Mira Says is also "New!" but it actually came out last update.
For all you flag collectors, there are six new flags to collect in Sarepia Forest!
And there are new plushies in Crystal Sands! I can't wait to get some!
 Plus the new monthly member item is coming out in August!
It's hard to tell what it is exactly, I'm hoping it's a personal claw machine. What do you guys think?
Not many clearance items this update. Is that good or bad do you think?
Have fun with all the new items and adventures in Jamaa!