Friday, July 8, 2011

AJS Update (reprint)

With all the excitement over the AJ update (below) the AJS update (even farther below) was washed away! I'm reprinting it so you'll know the additions to the site.

I think the blog is in good shape for now Jammers! I have finished the mini blogs that go with main blog, I hope you enjoy them all. Just scroll down to the footer at the bottom of the page, you can find tons of interesting branch sites!
"Jam Spirit" is the main blog, "Snowyclaw" is where I keep my shaman stories, and "Archive" will have every Jamaa Journal from this point on (will become more interesting as time goes on). "Spirit Chat" is open for everyone (check in often, I will come to answer any blog questions), "Spirit Work" is where I will share YOUR creations, and "Jamaa Blogs" is a place where I support other AJ blogs, old and new. Have fun with the new additions!


  1. YAAAAY FIRST COMMENT!!!! I want 2 say I'm quitting soon so everybody can have my Rares

  2. JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!! I have a rare Frankenstein mask hahaha


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