Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Talking Statues

My buddies and I were hanging out in my Tree House den, and found some fun games to play! One is making statues (and large plushies) talk.
Step 1 - make a short name 
Step 3 - have fun with
your buddies

Step 2 - hide behind a statue
or plushie

Have fun playing with your buddies in Jamaa! Don't forget to join Jamaa Spirit Club!!


  1. We did this like a long time ago and we had a fun time :D Some people will like this Let see if it will work in real life

  2. @luis2235
    I'm glad you think so luis! I certainly hope so.

  3. i do a talking fire.....its very funny:)

  4. @hollyjolly199916
    I love how bunnies can hide underneath the fire. :D

  5. Sure, you can do a weekly response! Please feel free to use ANY ideas that you find on my blog! :D

    And I love to hide behind stuff and make them talk! I also like to go behind large rocks and pretend I'm a ghost!

  6. thats funny! and it looks fun sorry i wasn;t there

  7. @Knight Magicclaw
    It would have been fun to see you! Check by sometimes, we're always doing random fun things at my den. :)

  8. i go under a seasonal tree... And me and my friends get tree chat, not free chat :)


  9. Animal talk is very important for people. I like your blog.

    Animal Whisperer

    1. Hi, spammy thingy. If you aren't a spam bot, reply to me. Well, at least THIS time you post an appropriate subject for an Animal Jam blog!

  10. NO! JUST NO! ANIMAL JAM, YOU HAVE FAILED US ONCE MORE! GIVE US THE PHANTOM ADVENTURE WE DESERVE! Snowy, we should start a new Jamaasian Movement. (Unless this is another minor update...)


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