Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hangin' out in Jamaa

There are plenty of fun places to hang out with your friends in Jamaa. All you need to do is look! Here are some ideas for some summer fun with your jammer buddies!
The library in Temple of Zios...
The tree in Appondale...
In a beachside den...
The warm rocks in Crystal Sands...
Reminds me of Sunning Rocks...
The bridge in Coral Canyons...

The mountain of Mt. Shiveer...
With Mira in the Township...
Have fun exploring Jamaa, and I hope you all have a jamming good summer!


  1. YAY! I think I'm in every picture!

  2. i need help snowy claw, yesterday i had free chat, but today it just randomly changed to limited chat, a lot of other jammers have been having that problem, their parents didn't change it but it is still limited chat, my user name is yomamajama, weird right? but i need help... thanks snowy claw OMG this might be the longest comment EVER stay cool snowy claw please blog about this problem you rock ill end this supper long comment here, see ya!

  3. @yomamajama
    Recently AJ made an update, giving parents the choice to select limited chat, as well as free chat and bubble chat. AJ automatically made some (maybe all) jammers have limited chat, it may be just some bug with the recent update. All you need to do is log on to your parent account and change the settings for each user. I hope that helps!

  4. A few more to add snowy claw. 1.top of claws and paws2.pillow room 3.secret wolf shaman door 4. Movies 5.club geoz ~ aurorakismet9

  5. That first picture of the library is NOT a fun place. That is where someone tried to scam me. (Unsuccessfully, and they were reported by me, but still.)

  6. snowyclaw u need to update the 4th place. Now there is a pet wash on the warm rocks

  7. do you read warriors? you said sunningrocks

  8. Woah, Snowy, I didn't wonder that you was in that old times. o,o

  9. I read warriors OMG


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