Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Items!

 New update means new items! Tons of new stuff around Jamaa, the clothing is recycled from a while ago, but everything else is new-ish!
Wigs are the new clothing.
 Modern looking tables and lamps are now available (a twirling lamp and a floating table).
Plus nonmember floor is back, and new member wallpaper!
There is a new arcade game in Temple of Zios, Gem Ball! Mira Says is also "New!" but it actually came out last update.
For all you flag collectors, there are six new flags to collect in Sarepia Forest!
And there are new plushies in Crystal Sands! I can't wait to get some!
 Plus the new monthly member item is coming out in August!
It's hard to tell what it is exactly, I'm hoping it's a personal claw machine. What do you guys think?
Not many clearance items this update. Is that good or bad do you think?
Have fun with all the new items and adventures in Jamaa!


  1. wawww. wish i was on then. >.<

  2. coolz i finnaly second coment!!!!!!

    add me snowy i anna2722 fyi ttyl

  3. Awesome, its me superstarpop6!

  4. Man I wish I was on in beta times, I actually was but then I quit for about six months and came back to it, guess what? Everything is gone :T anyway, cool post snowy! :D

  5. I wish I was on in t the beta days...

  6. Can someone send me wooden floor, blue vines floor or yellow sweets wall? Plz? Yeah i sound desperate. Because i am! Those walls and floors are nice, waaaaaay too nice!
    If you want to send me one, my username is WhenLifeGivesYouLemo, thx!

    1. sure! just trade me though i have pink swirls!!



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