Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Claw Machine

The Claw Machine is suddenly super popular! Well, I guess we all know why... Anyway, for those of you having trouble getting in, here is what's new.
Each time you visit the claw, the pile of stuffies change.
The bar at the top shows all animals (and original colors).
There are three different kinds of each animal, see if you can find them all!

Colored (10 colors)
Multiple for each Animal
 Good luck on plushie searching! See you in Jamaa!


  1. @luis2235
    Thank you for the awesome Rhino Plushie luis!

  2. i filled up all my space... -_-' lol my bad

  3. @Crouching Fastwolf
    I would have to, but I'm collecting all the colors on my extra nonmem account. I'm going to fill the den! :D

    Thank you for the rug! I'm sorry I can't friend everyone that sends me letters.

    Thank you for the wolf plushie!


  4. @anoymous

    You can't buy Claw Machines, claw machines were the member monthly gift for August!


  5. when i got my the claw someone hacked me and took it!

    1. Aww that sucks. I hate scammers

  6. Hi Snowyclaw! Im a big fan. Can you look at my blog? Wonderful Wizards 101.

  7. hey Snowyclaw! :) What's a Rare Claw Machine worth? Can you please answer it ASAP? Thank you so much.
    - akcir16
    And what items are fair for it?

  8. i have rare claw for trade XD trade me fair items my user is lilia20021

  9. guys what is worth a rare claw. someone keeps trading me beta sbi television, blue top hat, and 2 other betas, hurry and answer please =T

  10. I have two rare claws on trade

  11. I am Mysitter. Please trade me the claw I have many rares. 2 phantom plushies and the rest of my trade list is filled with rares. Please check out my den. If member please send me which plushie you want. If not meet up with me 12-1 Weekends

  12. I want an animal jam membership. For that I will give you a club penguin account. Named Mysitter.

  13. i will trade anyone 4 rares for a rare claw machine my username is macksbff


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