Monday, July 25, 2011

Secret Colors!

As everyone knows, there are tons of secrets in Jamaa. Here are some of the more colorful secrets. These colors don't appear on the color palate!
Eyes aren't
totally black!

New rhinos are a special grey color.
New bunny has red/brown
pattern color.
Strange creme color on new seals.

Grassy colored
eyes, also on
new tigers.

And then there's the secret color!
Click here to learn how.

I hope you like these colors! Show them off to your friends as you explore Jamaa. Be sure to sign up for the Jamaa Spirit Blog!


  1. Cool! I didn't know that the rhinos had a secret color! I just found out about the brown color today! I would post about the non-totally-black eyes and the rhino grey, but I would feel guilty without your permission! And I don't want anyone to thank that I copied from you or you copied from me, so I am not going to post about it!

  2. @Blossom Berryflower~
    I'm sorry! I saw your post, I think the person who told me must have seen it. I was in such of a rush I didn't check. Definitely post the colors I've found! We bloggers should share info so it gets out to everyone. You don't have to credit me, anyone could've found it, I just have the right sources. Thanks for commenting!

    1. Hey snowyclaw! The raccoons mask color isn't on the color choices.... Please post my explanation!

  3. Medieval sunnygemJuly 25, 2011 at 9:16 PM

    Also new seals have this cream color when you first get one.

  4. @Medieval sunnygem
    Great! I'll be able to add that tomorrow! :)

  5. New seals also come with a secret green color! And thanks!

  6. new tigers and seals come with a secret green eye color i can show u my tiger and seal have it

  7. @Blossom Berryflower~ and Grand Futurewolf
    Thanks guys! I should add those today.

  8. Snowy the wolves have a secret color for Thier eyes ~aurorakismet9

  9. @aurorakismet9
    Cool! Is it the grey color as well?

    1. Snow new artic wolves have a secret white color

    2. and i want to know how to get it

  10. if you click on the purple on the right on the line itlookslikea bluesh white cool huh?

  11. I luv aj nd snowyclaw! Here meh user: Hollyleaf365

  12. hey yall im giving a free acount away user:jjk38 pass:is twoeyes2

    1. yeah right it doesnt even work lol u little!@#$% guys dont do it its like a hacked account some how he hacks u gosh i little !@#$

  13. do u guys no how to get the new secret color?

  14. hello pepsis thanx for the secret colour

  15. i am sew awsome my wolf rox my bunny rox cause of you giving out secret codes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    from ANONYMOUS :P

  16. ;0 :) :P :( :O XD :D


    from ANONYMOUS :)

  17. I hav a wolf with the new wolf eye color. BTW, the one is named Duke :D

    P.S. I am quitting AJ soon D: it's so hard to quit your favorite site. My username is Kiki51772 anybody can have my account. Though if you want it, you can't hack. You can add Rares, but you can't TAKR them that is the only thing

  18. Please add me, Snowy Claw, i am superstarpop6.

  19. There are also two secret colors for the snow leopard. There is an off-white for Color 1 on the body and the gray-purple pattern.

  20. You can get the icy blue color by clicking the purple in the bottom right until it goes icy blue ;) good luck, i got fusterated trying to do it but keep trying trust me, if u want to see to make sure im not lying my user is allforyou

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  22. hi, snowyclaw how ya goin, so what is another secret color give me, a jamagram today if can

    from ginger2214

    1. what the hell are you talk bot?

      from ilovefoxesxoxo

  23. there is a light blue color for dolphins. P.S. trust me i was a member
    and never changed my color

  24. i love snowyclaws blog but i don't know her very well.
    and i put that comment up there.

    from 3berrygirl.

  25. The dolphins have a secret blue color and a pure white underbelly. Pretty cool, right?

  26. hey snowy claw I really want to be
    your buddy so please buddy me!

    from jellyturtle45

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