Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Join the AJS Blog

I don't know about you guys, but I won't be playing on Animal Jam much during the school year (school starts tomorrow). There won't be many things posted until next summer, but I'll keep the contests running every couple months hopefully (please donate to the AJS prize supply), as well as major update posts. Does anyone want to volunteer to become a writer for the blog? Just during the school year if you're able to. You'd have to get each post checked by me, and I'll add the signature AJS banner of your user

Here are the requirements:
Able to write clearly and efficiently,
Able to be on Animal Jam often,
Able to write posts regularly,
Able to follow guidelines about posting,
Allowed to email, and sign up for blogger,
Allowed to share email with other trusted writers.

Note: You can make a new email just for blogging, that way you and your parents have less to worry about.
There are tons of ways to join the AJS blog:
+ Join Spirit Fans! All you need is an account on blogspot to stay up to date on all the recent AJS posts.
+ Become a Spirit Jammer! Just comment around the blog, and answer jammers' questions. You can see the top commenters on the bottom of the left column on this blog.
+ Be a Spirit Artist! To do so, submit regularly to the Spirit Work mini blog, illustrate stories, or create AJS banners.
+ Be a Spirit Writer! Write for the blog during the school year, but you'll need to have a blogger account to sign up, or be able to email me posts.
I hope you all want to join, the bigger the AJS community, the greater it will be! See you in Jamaa.

Note: The blog email is animaljamspirit@gmail.com

Wonderful Friend

Hey jammers! Scourgebc asked me to put this animation up so everyone knows what an awesome friend Knight Magicclaw is. Isn't that nice? Let's all give a hand for all the hard work put into this animation. And don't forget to tell Knight Magicclaw!
What do you do for your best buddies? What are some ideas to show how you care? See you in Jamaa!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pet Ideas Feedback

Good news jammers! AJ HQ sent an email back about the pet ideas, here's a picture of it below (click to enlarge).
It seems they like the ideas! If you'd like me to send more messages to AJ HQ just ask. Oh, and don't worry, I mentioned every jammer with their idea. See you in Jamaa!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chatting Codes

Hey jammers! This is a post especially for jammers with bubble chat and their buddies. You see, my friend Old Jellytiger (he doesn't want his user announced) is restricted to bubble chat, but has made a system to find other ways to speak. His friend Picturechamp figured them out, he told me. The first one is pretty simple, all you need to do is use the first letter of every chat message to make a word. See if you can decode the following (it's left to right):
 Another chatting code is to visit jammers' dens who have a word as their user. See if you can decode this:
 Spread the word about the speach code, and Jamaa will have it's own universal bubble chat language! Good luck with your adventures in Jamaa!

No Buddy Slots Left

Hey jammers, as many of you know, I have no buddy slots left on my main account. I'm sorry I can't friend everyone! You can, however, friend AJSprizes (my prize account) or snowyclaw1 (my storage account). I'll accept all friend requests I get, so please only friend one. I'll try to get on them more often, I hope you all understand!
I'm only posting this because of the letters I receive from the wonderful fans of this blog. Thank you for supporting this amazing place!

Friday, August 26, 2011

AJ Secrets: Mud and Trees

Hey jammers! One of the greatest activities in Jamaa is having a good, relaxing, mud bath! Just head over with your buddies to Appondale! It even comes with it's own bubbles; 
Mud pools bubble because water deep in the earth is boiled
by magma. The oxygen and carbon dioxide then make
their way to the surface to bubble the mud! Don't worry,
it isn't the mud that is boiling! :D
You can get muddy really fast if you jump and dance around. Same with cleaning off, just jump dry! You can also hang out in the Appondale tree!
What kind of tree do you think it is? The jammer who find
the coolest tree that it is likley to be, first, will be
 featured in a future post! :)
I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about Appondale, have fun in Jamaa!

Note: Look in the comments for some hints!

Winning Vote: Falcon

Hey jammers! Looks like we have birds on the brain, cause falcons won the "Next Animal" poll! I hope AJ HQ can visit and see that we would like a bird in Jamaa. What do you think of the poll outcome?
This is a Peregrine Falcon (learn more). These birds can
fly almost 70mph in a dive toward it's prey, smaller birds.
Have some more ideas for future polls? Comment here!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AJ Ponder (Ed. 5)

Hey jammers! Is it just me, or do pets seem to not have much things to do? This ponder is all about pets, lets share some good ideas, the thoughts that seem really complete I'll send to the AJ HQ to see if they like them. :)

What should be the next pet? What new rares should be available? What actions should the pets be able to do? Should we be able to by items for them? What kind of items?

Be sure to explain your thoughts! Do you like the pet banner? You can find more like it on the Archive mini blog. See you in Jamaa!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nothing New

Hey jammers! Not much is new in the update, but there is a updated Jammer Central and calender. 
 Visit to see more artwork and shout-outs. If yours didn't make it in you could send it to animaljamspirit@gmail.com so I can post it on the blog's Spirit Work site.
The background image used to be a tiger!

Note: kelly83099 helped me find these!

New Update

Hey jammers! Guess what? There's a small update coming to Jamaa. This is what AJ HQ said:
Now when you try to log in you'll get the usual offline sign:
Before I got off the AJSprizes account I checked my main account. It said I hadn't been on for a month!
This is really annoying! I hope they fix this and all the other little glitches around Jamaa in this new update. See you in (a hopefully glitch-free) Jamaa!

Crocodile Plushies

Hey jammers! As many of you know, croc plushies are out and about. Still quite rare, they're hard to get. I finally found one! Its a rainbow:
Yay! They look a bit strange, but that's alright. Did you find any yet? See you in Jamaa!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Crazy Busy Jamaa

Hey jammers! Looks like Jamaa is pretty full lately. I looked at the "All Servers" screen and it looks busier than I've ever seen it!
Is this a change with the servers or a change with the visitors? What do you think?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chat Glitch

Hey jammers! It seems something is off in Mt. Shiveer. It doesn' seem to chat well! I went there with mariahmaemae (she showed this glitch) and yomamajama and we all had it. It seems to stop when you log off and on again, but it's still strange... Here's what happened:
You can't see what anyone else is saying,
and what you say doesn't appear on the list... 
Only emoticons appear there, it's all very strange...
What do you think jammers? Has this happened to you before? See you in Jamaa!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Endless Play and Games

Hey jammers! Along with this recent update comes the ability to play endlessly; as long as you like! It's sort of similar to dancing; wolves howl again and again, pandas hold their toesies and roll on and on. Here's me and some buddies testing out this new-found fun!
Plus, I forgot to mention the new double gem game:
Double Up!
Have fun earning gems in Crystal Sands. See you in Jamaa!

New Video and Closed AJ

Hey jammers! It seems that Jamaa is again, updating. The site is offline for now. But still visit the site! You know why? Cause they added a new video! Not as cool as the old one, in my opinion, but interesting all the same. 
Meanwhile, on this blog, I updated the Spirit Chat mini blog (this can be accessed from any chat box), to visit just click here. I've added a page of chat moderators, the issues about the chat box, and a beta box (one for back-up). Learn more on the Spirit Chat mini blog.
Hope you like the AJ video and the AJS update for chat. 
See you in Jamaa!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Animal and Pet

Wow! The croc and hamster have arrived! I guess we were right about both jammers! :) Here's a few interesting things about the croc:
It's a member animal, and starts
out as a female.
It seems to like keeping its
mouth open.

Looks a bit fierce as it plays.
But likes to dance and mime!
And don't forget the new card!
And a new
icon for

 There is also a new pet as well! Say welcome to the newest addition to Claws n' Paws: the hamster!
Cute huh? Have fun with the new additions to Jamaa! Is there anything I missed? What do you think of the newest animal and pet?

Note: Don't forget the item update and AJ Ponder posts below!