Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AJS Update

Hey jammers! As you might know I've added quite a few new things to the blog. For one the new cursor is on the blog, I tried out quite a few, but that one seemed to be the easiest to use. Please respond on how you like it!
Meanwhile, I've done a few updates of the mini blogs, plus a whole new one! The newest mini blog is AJ Items, which has clearance items, nonmember rares, and a start on the member rares.
If you're wondering what it replaced, it was the Spirit Chat mini blog, but don't worry! That is attached to all the smaller chat boxes on most mini blogs. As you might recall the rares used to be on the Snowyclaw mini blog, but instead there is a Shaman Sightings page, for the shamans who've appeared so far in Jamaa. Report if you've seen more!
If you have your own blog you can visit the Archive mini blog. I have banners, pictures, and much more for anyone to use on their blogs and computers!
I also added some more online games on the Spirt Work blog, check them out if you want to do a game other than AJ.
I hope you like these new updates to the blog! Is there anything you want me to change or update?


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    1. Hey Julian! I have a suggestion: You should TOTALLY do giveaways!Tell me if you try this and when.

      P.S. Buddy me!

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  3. My sis met you in jamaa snowy!!!! your EPIC!

  4. i seen greely in zios today! im jammer049219

  5. whoa once I saw peck painting in the art studio!IM princesarge on animal jam

  6. OMZ!!!! what was the new cursor?????

  7. Snowyclaw, do you ever help new Jammers/Unrecognized Youtubers? I think they would appreciate it! :3

  8. Hi snowy I'm a fan but every says THERE your bigest fan so I pretty sure i'm not and btw I love ur look such a forest theme and really cool name ps. I am wolvesrock6677 serch me :) plz don't hack :(

  9. And shout out to tendo3 my bff btw snowy luv ur blog



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