Sunday, August 28, 2011

No Buddy Slots Left

Hey jammers, as many of you know, I have no buddy slots left on my main account. I'm sorry I can't friend everyone! You can, however, friend AJSprizes (my prize account) or snowyclaw1 (my storage account). I'll accept all friend requests I get, so please only friend one. I'll try to get on them more often, I hope you all understand!
I'm only posting this because of the letters I receive from the wonderful fans of this blog. Thank you for supporting this amazing place!


  1. hi snowyclaw how do u get some many readers on ur blog? my blog animaljamroar only jas 3 followers!!! plz help!

  2. @Madi
    I'm sorry! I really have no idea. I was really surprised, it just seems jammers like it, but I'm not entirely sure why. :)

  3. you have storage account? O.o i got like...4 x)

  4. hi snowyclaw do u have any suggestions for getting more ppl to read my blog? plz help!!!

  5. @Madi
    Advertise in Jamaa! Remember to have good content that helps in Jamaa, such as codes, secret colors, and rainbow potions. Just be creative!

  6. hi umm i just got a blog ennui tips?
    the resen i ask is you all have such grate blogs :D

  7. Snowyclaw, I never see you in Jamma, so what time should i get on, cuz i can't get on until 6:00 AM.


    1. Me too on any of your accounts i have never seen u on before what time do u get on i just want to say hi

    2. Me too i always get on animal jam and i have never seen any of your accounts so what time do you get on and will you plz plz buddy me snowy on any account i'm graystone9

  8. kittymoooo =3 ally cat kidAugust 15, 2012 at 11:41 PM

    thats ok i will do that umm by the way its like 6:00pm so gotta go bye! ^.^ ~kittymoooo

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