Sunday, August 21, 2011

Crazy Busy Jamaa

Hey jammers! Looks like Jamaa is pretty full lately. I looked at the "All Servers" screen and it looks busier than I've ever seen it!
Is this a change with the servers or a change with the visitors? What do you think?


  1. hmm i wonder why so many ppl are on...

  2. I wish that Animal Jam servers did not disappear based on the number of people in all who are playing Animal Jam. Because it is really annoying, and my computer lags really bad. Some people like to go on quiet servers, but sometimes that is not an option

    Also, why is the official Animal Jam Blog for members only??

  3. WOW lots of people are on! P.s yay i can comment now!-camden12345

  4. snowyclaw why do you keep makeing all most all of the stuff on animal jam for members don't you think all of the non memberswill be sad cause the members are geting all of the good stuff......welll this is demo8 saying see ya in jamaa

  5. Snowy doesn't work for animal jAm.


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