Monday, August 1, 2011

Monthly Member Gift

Looks like the monthly member item is here jammers! Yaay!! And like we thought, it is our own personal claw machine for the den. Everyone received the AJ HQ letter today, August 1st.
 The machine is a bit different than the normal ones, instead of animals there are blobs... And sadly there are no differing in color for the machines.
 But they are still a great activity for the den! Here are my friends and I talking and hanging out. :)
I hope you all enjoy the new monthly member items! If any nonmems feel like using mine feel free to stop by! See you in Jamaa.


  1. The claw machine gift was really helpful because before when ever i tried to go to the claw machine in the juice hut it was always full! But now i can stay in the comfort of my den while getting my plushies

  2. animal jam never gave me my claw machine! :(


    P.S if you have any extras please send them to me! my username is flynnybob.

  3. pretty cool I wish I was like meh friend rowdy paws

  4. Holy cow.. ONLY THREE COMMENTS?! That's a record.. OWO

  5. I really want one... my user is SPHDZ please send a trade request

  6. send me one im catsaremeowers1

  7. lol and u can get phantom plushies!


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