Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Den Issues

Lots of weird den issues today! First was when my friend iamcool2c2 walked into my den she said "Where are all your stuffies?" They were in there normal spot, so everyone was very confused. I switched dens, but when I clicked the castle it went to the volcano! It worked the second time, but when we got there iamcool2c2 freaked out. "There's two of you!!" I believe her entirely, cause next thing you know she walks straight onto the moat of the castle!
 She didn't even realize it! Maybe her image wasn't on same frame as mine...who knows!
 Suddenly she didn't respond at all! And everything was loading on her ID box. I'll have to find you later iamcool2c2! Anything else strange happening in Jamaa since the update? Tell your stories!


  1. that happened to me it was like in november(2010) i got on animal jam and i clicked someones id and now one would show up so i went to my den and then i was floaty in air and invisble

  2. dear, Snowy claw
    Its me again, yomamajama. Last week I had some troubles in one of my friends den. I looked at my friends ID, it said she was in her den. I looked around and I could not find her anywhere. all of the sudden, her den switched... but I could not see her so I tried talking, I asked her to change the den to the lava den if she could hear me. The den switched, apparently she could see me just fine. I told her i was going to my den, i went to my den and finely i could see her. We were both kinda confused about what happened. I hope my story might help shed some light on this new unwanted glitch. your blog fan, and friend, yomamajama

  3. Yo Snowy I didnt see a castle i was in the volcano den and u were not talking...and half of the floor was moon flooring and half of it had no flooring..i wonder wat happened???

  4. @Winterstream
    Weird! I wish something like that would happen to me.

    That's strange too! Did you not even see her name tag?

    It must have had to do with the buttons in the changing den screen. Malfunctioning likely. :P It's like the castle and the volcano combined themselves!


  5. @aurorakismet9 and cjane6
    Thank you for sending the plushies! I'll add them to my ever-growing collection!

    The lightning bolt wolf is awesome! Thank you! I put him strait into my den, you can see him in the branches of the tree house! :)


  6. @Snowy claw
    nope, I couldn't see anything, no tag, no animal, not even her speech bubble. I had to go to my friend list to look at her ID. your bog fan, and friend

  7. it just happened to me! i got a screen shot, and one of what it normally looks like! but how can i give it to u? my mom wont let me email it to you!!!!

  8. @yomamajama
    That's the true invisibility glitch! :D

    Awesome! You can't use your blog anymore can you? Why doesn't your mom want you to email me? You can see "My Promise" on the Spirit Work blog. I want to know the reasons so I can fix or help in some way. You have a blogger account right? Just post it as the profile image!! :D


  9. One day I waist my den and all of a sudden a one of my friends came in she looked around my den and started calling my name like 25 times but i was right in front of them! I kept saying I was right there but I don't think they could see me then she started sending me trades to see if i was hiding it was really weird!!!! But when I left my den then came back they could see me!!!

  10. wow. sometimes i see tht only in castles. :| but i tell them stuff like, "umm...did u just see that glitch?" they're just like, "huh?"
    so i get all confused and im always just like, "ugh. nvm"
    i wonder if it happens to me and i dont know it!


  11. in my buddies i saw this big black square between two trees. . . wierd :o

  12. that has happened to me once when i was at my buddies den she changed it and i stayed in den that was before she changed it and the everytime she changed the den a image was left of her of when i finally left she had like 20 images of her it was freaky

  13. AWSHUM!! Even twelve comments on your Blog look like a lot to me XD



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