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Hey jammers, welcome to the Ask Snowyclaw page! ^.^ As self centered as it sounds, I wanted to make a page about the fact that I have very little time to comment on normal posts. This page is simply for you to ask me any questions you want answered by me or the Spirit Jammers! Please make them reasonable questions; ones about Animal Jam, the blog, and my channel. No personal info, por favor!
I'll answer as many questions as I can. Don't worry though, I read every comment left on the blog! I often clear the comments of this page, if yours question hasn't been answered or you didn't see it, simply ask it again. Thanks, and be sure to read the FAQ's below!

Frequently Asked Questions

When did you start the Animal Jam Spirit?
I started AJS in June 2011 after meeting Graham, the monkey shaman, in the Temple of Zios. The monkey was my muse. ^.^

How do you make a blog?
I make my blog using, an extension of Google. It's free – all you need is a Gmail account. There are plenty of videos out there to get you started, or you could ask your parents for help!

How do you make all your YouTube videos?
I use QuickTime (a mac program) to record them, iMovie to edit them (add music, etc.), YouTube creator (for royalty free background music), and then I upload them to my channel!

When did you join Animal Jam and become a member?
I joined Animal Jam during the "beta times" of summer 2010. I was gone for a while, and then rejoined in January of 2011. I got my first membership in the next few months – playing ever since.

Why are you "famous" in Jamaa?
I'm not really that famous, but some jammers know my name because of my blog or my YouTube channel. I'm actually quite shy, so you may not see me in Jamaa too much, sorry!

How did you get "rare" on AJ?
I've been playing for quite a while, so I have been purchasing items for quite a while. I trade, but most of my collections I've just bought over time. I don't have much time to trade anymore!

When are you starting/ending each giveaway?
I will end the giveaway when I have the time to go through all the comments jammers leave, and I'll begin a giveaway right after I end it. Winners are chosen randomly, as fairly as possible.

Do you leave your den unlocked?
I am now able to keep my den unlocked a lot of the time! This is really fun; I'm always meeting new jammers. Feel free to stop by any time – take a nap, hang with buddies, or host a party!

Could you be my buddy and send me rares?
Sadly, my buddy list is full and I save my extra rares to put in giveaways. You don't have to be my "buddy" to be my friend though, and in the end, friends are worth a lot more than rares. ^.^

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  1. Umm how do u make this can u make it, on a pc to

  2. can i send pictures to you im a really big fan love your blog thanks for the time and effort you put into it :D


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