Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bunny Throne

Hello jammers! I was thinking, should we have one blog party this Saturday to celebrate our view count? Then another one Saturday, June 17, to celebrate the blog anniversary and the beginning of the Jamaasian Movement? I need your opinions!
Today's new item is the Bunny Throne in the Bunny Party.
I'd like to mention the Spirit Chat gets full easily (I use it because of the cool archives and moderation tools). I was just wondering, if you aren't using it at any time, can you please not just sit in there? It leaves no room for other chatters. :(
haleyjoe reported a strange glitch with Rare Ties and seals...
Changing collar color. Meanwhile, don't forget to use the peskyphantoms code, it expires today, last chance for cages! 
Thanks for the reminder lstas6!
Animal Jam has also added a help tab (which I think they needed a lot, because no one could find their other ones).
Simply click "help."
Bugging me. . .

. . .
. . .
Type in the question you'd like to ask them.
Ask anything you like, anything at all...
And then check if they have anything that'll help.
Usually there isn't. So click the
"None of these are helpful"
button to ask them what
you really wanted to know.
AJHQ has made two new posts on the Daily Explorer (finally! I thought it died...). They are about giraffes and Coral Canyons.

AJHQ has been sending out tons of messages!
That's about all for now jammers, please give me your thoughts on the party plans, and what general time (in AJS format) everyone is available to come on Saturdays.
Happy jamming!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Giraffe Topiary

Hey jammers! There is a cool new Giraffe Topiary located in the Animal Museum (it is still called that, look at the name).
Goofy8966 spotted a funny monkey glitch. If you wear a Royal Cape the colors get mixed up in the animal design window!
citruscove265 pointed out (and I forgot to mention) that this wacky mix up happens even when you're out in Jamaa!
Meanwhile, have you ever heard of everloop? Well, Animal Jam has a "loop" there, and you can even play Animal Jam directly through the everloop website. I'm not sure what I think of it...
AJHQ messages are becoming more and more frequent, I've been getting a lot lately. No shaman hints though. :(
Also, I have made a Jamaasian History page, just look on the left side of the blog for the picture of Mira. I've consolidated the works of the early AJHQ onto one page. I hope you find it interesting. :) There is a bit of info their on the Jamaasian Movement as well. If you were wondering it should start in less than three weeks. Get ready, I have some little thing planned already. Things every jammer can help with.
As you can see, AJS has reached 400,000 views! I think my face looked a little like this when I saw it  :DDD Anyway, I think a blog party is in order. Do you think I should tie it in with the AJS one year anniversary on June 17th? Thoughts??

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bunny Rug

Hey jammers! Today's new item is a Bunny Rug, which I find much cuter (and fuzzier) than the Bunny Mat.
MangoShapedSpace sent in a funny picture of a giraffe with leis on . . . They don't fit quite right, as you can see.
That's about all for today. Happy jamming!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Rare Flower Braclet

Hey jammers! Today's "rare" is the Rare Flower Bracelet. You can find it on the second page of Jam Mart Clothing.
Not the most exciting, and not nonmember.
I spotted another animal combo in Best Dressed yesterday, this time a seal and a tiger! Have you seen this kind of thing before?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Royals and Little Things

Hey jammers. ROYAL CAPES are back in stores! I mean, of all things, a rare, back in stores, so strange!
Two more giraffe plushies have been spotted; a dragon-winged one my lokithorrrrr and a Mario one by Trickertreee.
 That dragon one looks really cool! I wonder what's next in this post . . . glitches? Correctomundo! First, fierceleaf had a little issue in the bunny party. Well, more of a big issue.
O.O Missing body - if found please return to owner. Here is another case of invisibility seen by XxFreeSpiritxX.
That is one of the most annoying glitches ever. One of the worst! Now, more giraffe blanket glitches. Exciting, right? First, if you wear a Rare Worn it goes all dark on the top!
 SpiritHowl told me about this first, and alex7bella9 posed for the photo. Here is an even weirder glitch though - the disappearing Winter Blanket! It just doesn't show up at all.
Hmm, maybe I should tell AJHQ about this. Anyway, hopefully this was some good info. Happy jamming!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Giraffe Banner and More

Hey jammers! There is a new (member) Giraffe Banner now sold in the Animal Museum of Appondale.
Now, you may (or may not) have noticed the new Spirit Jammer, Goofy8966! Congrats Goofy, welcome to the Spirit Team! There is also a new category subject for the blog, skyways! I do the categories so you guys can read past articles that interest you.

Speaking of interesting articles here
is one about Cami's Frog, just click here.

Also, discoveries in the Bunnies Only Party have been made, including the spirit of Peck and the party skyway. Click here! Trickertreee Was kind enough to send me a pic of the first rare giraffe plushie to be photographed. With a little white sock!
XxFreeSpiritxX found that when you make a...
...face you automatically get a confused one!
Good to know! She also noticed that the scales in Spartan Armor disappear on giraffes; and Elf Cuffs are strange!
Do you think the cuff thing is on purpose? It does look pretty snazzy, if I don't say so myself. lokithorrrrr found a magical cloud that makes Yaks disappear. Where do they go?
 I hope to hear some creative stories, you guys have the best imaginations I know of! Happy jamming, jamaasians!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bunny Party Discoveries

As promised, here is a fun jamaasian thing to do in the newest party, for bunnies only! Walk all the way to the right, to the bunny plushie machine. Now walk down that staircase, the the star huge, star-patterned  drum. Bring a bunch of buddies.
Ravenpaw is who brought my attention to it with a comment. Can you see who is in that stone there? Guess who?!
It's Peck! If you don't know much about her click here. I believe this is the spirit of Peck, just as we each meet the spirit of Liza when we first begin Jamaa (doesn't respond, so she's a spirit).
They even got the ear bell right! Is anyone else excited to see the return of some jamaasian culture? I love this party.
These Peck sightings are so exciting for me! What do you guys think of them? Meanwhile, here is a funny little thing that someone added to one of the massive drums. Can you spot it?
Look near the center... I think I spot a smiley face. ^.^ Now, here is the bunny only skyway, hopfully it's a good explanation!

teacher - Goofy8966
Start next to the song shop.
Click another jammers name.
Click their
game tab.
Click the bunny down the stairs
(you can also try to the right of
the jammer's animal card). 
Click any game.
Click cancel.
If you do it right (it helps if your computer is lagging)
you'll start running to the right, don't panic.
Quickly (and carefully) click
the upper part of the wall.

And that is all there is to it! Good luck on your shaman quests and skyway adventures. Happy jamming everyone!

Update: New post on the Spirit Artwork mini blog (Rufistar)!