Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Monthly Gift

Hey jammers, the monthly member gift has arrived. You should have received a letter with it from AJHQ (if you have not, don't worry, it will come). Here is what this month's card looks like:
 The gift, as announced in the Jamaa Journal, is a Phantom Invasion machine for playing in your den.
As far as I can tell there are no cool new phantom toys like in the den Plushie Machines. If you aren't a member, then you have/will received a card telling about member benefits.
If you'd like to try out the den Phantom Invasion just stop by the top of my volcano den. AJHQ has also posted about the Den Item Design Contest. You can read it below...
Be sure to look at the post below, it's super duper important! Thanks for you're wonderful responses everyone, I'm working on a path of action. Happy jamming!


  1. wow! 68 comments on the post below!!! thanks snowy-


  2. Cool! Can't wait to try my new game!

  3. Snowy there is a new item that Hayes848 told me about, the Skeleton Fence in the Spooky party.

  4. livieloo6 on animal jamMay 2, 2012 at 3:55 PM

    snowy,today is my b-day!i dont expect anything but a simple,"Happy birthday" would be nice :)

  5. Today in the Spooky Party there is a Skeleton Fence available! (Earlier there wasn't any Spooky Party so I understand why you had a late update!)

  6. the crystal sands poster is actualyy crystal sands when animal jam first came out

  7. I didn't get the game yet and it STILL didn't come. Today is the 4th day of may and i didm't get ANYTHING in the mail from AJ HQ. It's not fair! Can you explain anything?

  8. Happy birthday jamanimal135 for may 2 2012 :) ^.^ oh and by the way I think animal jam is cool :)


    wolfgirls421 ( my use name)

  9. Ya it took 10 days to get mine -.-

  10. Hey! Snowy I hope you're still alive. It's wolfdemon237.
    You know, Magical SpiritMoon. Man, it's been three years. School has got me really focused. I check Animal jam every now and then, but I don't see you guys. I haven't seen Karate since either. I saw he got membership, so he must still be alive. How've you been doing eh?


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