Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Duck Footprints

Hey jammers! There are some fun Duck Footprints for sale in the Claws N' Paws of Appondale.
Don't forget everyone, the update is tomorrow. Click here for the clearance items that will be leaving. Be sure to grab a bunny, members, they may be leaving this time. Happy jamming!


  1. Hi yay i'm the first comment.I know this is nothing about the news thats new in jamaa.But all i have to say is i am your #1 fan of your blog!I just really like all the thing you put on it! add me on animal jam my user is powerpuff3.

  2. Cool! Second comment! the footprints would look good on snow... The ice den!

  3. Go to my website everyone:

    Snowyclaw, YOU ROCK!!!


  4. ooh!A new update! I think it's cool that the bunnies go in season. because it's like real life... but anyway, Idk if I'm going to get the clearance items. they ussually come back in about 1 week.... has anyone gotten the new Minecraft for the Xbox 360? I'm not going to get it on Xbox because it's the same as the computer... but i did get the trial! it's super fun!

  5. Im tired of Animal Jam obly adding new underwater den items and pet items. I want clothes.

  6. yeah mango- you're right!


  7. Kewl, cant wait for da new items, but didnt u say u could buy the bunny in the furniture thingy if u click the middle of the brown carpet? I know, i think it might go away.


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