Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pink Purse

Hey jammers! The newest gift is a Pink Purse. I'm not afraid to say it, I'm not a big fan of pink, but how do you guys like it?
First a head item (Anemone Head Bows), then a back item (Bow and Arrows), and now a wrist item (Pink Purse)! They come in only one color (judging by the name). Meanwhile, there is this annoying loading glitch spreading around Jamaa; I think I'll call it The Spins. Anyway, here are some examples!
wolvesofbeyond got The Spins when trying to visit this
jammer's den. wolves then saw her running in place, with
no one else's avatar around at all!
I got The Spins too! I saw nothing... It just spun...
andour found this glitch in his friends den, I believe
(that's her turtle floating in the corner over there). And
the other koala is a clone of his, yet he could click
on it and see his own pets and animals!
So much is going crazy in Jamaa! What other glitches have you guys noticed? And when do you think the horses will be here? Tomorrow? Next Thursday? Never?

Update: New artwork on the Spirit Artwork mini blog!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Bow and Arrows

Hey jammers! Wonderful news, there is now a pretty epic clothing item for nomembers (at last!). What do you guys think of these items? Fun, spunky, clunky, exciting?
I doubt this is all, but here are the colors I have found.
Looks like there are seven, just like the Anemone Head Bows. Have you found any other colors jammers?

Thank you for the candy cane lights DreamHeart!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Update Next Thursday?

Hey jammers! Silverstorm99 sent me a picture of AJHQ's response when she asked about the late update.
It's pretty understandable for them to take a holiday break, don't you think? Most companies give holiday breaks to their employes, why would AJ be any different? Anyway, it just leads up to more suspense for the wonderful new year update.
Happy Jamaalidays everyone, and keep on shopping!

Gem Gift and No Horses

Hey jammers! Sorry if you're disappointed, but it does look as if horses will be arriving in Jamaa on New Years, because they have not arrived today. However, it's good news if you're still Jamaaliday shopping, plus AJHQ sent out a useful sum of gems to help us along. 750 gems!
That's about all there is to post at the moment. Hope you've all had a wonderful Jamaaliday season!

Wait a minute... Is the update coming?
Nope, hold your horses everyone.

Update: New story and poem on the Spirit Artwork mini blog!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jamaaliday Code

Hey jammers! A new code is out from everloop, hope it helps you with your last minute Jamaaliday shopping!
This code gives you 500 gems (in the form of a gift, as usual).
Be sure to use it soon, and thank you silverstorm99 for reminding me, I've totally forgotten to check everloop latley. Happy Jamaalidays!

Frosty Phantom Gift

Woah! Wonderfully chilly phantom miniature, perfect for you Jamaaliday collection. Do you guys like it?
 Maybe they'll give an ice statue of Mira, that would make my Jamaalidays! You excited for new years everyone?

Update: New post on the Spirit Artwork mini blog!
Thank you for the plushie 22ar!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Frozen Pond Gift

Hey jammers! AJHQ has sent out another wonderful Jamaaliday gift, a Frozen Pond! It goes wonderfully with all the other winter Jamaa gifts.
I'd also like to post a little glitch found by Alygator.
The chicken hat bobs up and down as if it is still on a standing trunk! Elephants seem to have funny reactions to many hats. One is the bouncing and disappearing reindeer nose...
Plus (I found this when trying on different hats), when you put the Vampire Mask on, you can see the color that was supposedly sold during beta or the first Day of the Phantoms. I'm guessing the grey later changed to the red.
Oh my, look at that jammer's coin amount in the above picture!
Strange huh? Anyway, here is a strange glitch I found with my buddy, I've heard it happens a lot. Click to see full size.
Has this happened to you too, jammers? Anyway, enjoy your end of the Jamaalidays, and happy almost new year!

Update: New story on the Spirit Artwork mini blog!
Thank you cadek1 for the antlers and thank you colorful68 for the seahorse fountain!

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Gifts Continue

Hey jammers! Good news, just because Christmas is over doesn't mean the presents are. ^.^ Let's say thank you to AJHQ for some extra spending gems!
Plus void glitches are becoming more and more common in Jamaa! I found this example in stallion1's den.
Meanwhile, a little series of glitches that bug me are the pet-chopping ones! Everywhere you go pets are being squished.
Does this bug you too? wolvesofthebeyond recently spotted a mysterious floating wolf in Coral Canyons who suddenly disappeared (it is one of her buddies...).
What other fun and annoying glitches are out wandering like phantoms in Jamaa? Happy Jamaalidays!

Update: New post on the Spirit Artwork mini blog!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Jamaalidays

Hey jammers! I know many of us do not celebrate Christmas, but many of us do (Christian and otherwise). I wanted to wish you all warmth and happiness this holiday season, whether you are celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or simply the Winter Solstice. Hopefully all of us in colder climates will see a little bit of a white Christmas! Let it snow, let it snow...
Remember, what makes this season so wonderful is the time to be with family and the time given to enjoy the happy side of life. Be thankful for your home and hearth, for your family, and the all the presents you receive this holiday season. ^.^
Did you know "Jamaa" means
relatives, or family, in Swahili?
AJHQ's gift for us on Christmas day is a Bag of Gifts!
I hope you are enjoying the wonderful holiday season, and may you get lots of presents from Santa (and your family of course). Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and happy Jamaalidays from me and my family to yours. What, a wonderful time, of the year!

P.S. I have added an "Ask Snowyclaw" page to the blog (thank you GreenFun for the wonderful idea), I hope you find it a handy spot for any Jamaasian questions!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Little Gingerbread House

Jamaaliday gift #10 is here jammers! And, what-do-ya-know, it's from the Jamaaliday party. xD The little gingerbread house at the party that I spotted near to the fireplace (downstairs) next to a bag of toys (next gift maybe?).
Isn't it adorable? Anyway, some new glitches that jammers sent in. I've heard reports from many on the running-in-place jammers, and the clones as well. Here is sealofbeyond's capture of a tiger running in one spot.
How many have you spotted recently around Jamaa? Next is a void glitch seen by icybug2000 when she was editing her den.
Another issue with those seasonal trees! They are always causing problems, aren't they? Sadly this glitch ran out quickly, but still, it looked like fun! Has anyone found any new void glitches out there, they seem to be one of the most common types. Anyway, happy Jamaalidays everyone, and to all those who celebrate it, merry almost-Christmas!

I was also wondering, does anyone
have info on these strange beta
eyeballs? I haven't seen them
around Jamaa recently, have
they been removed?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Freedom of the Gifts

Hey jammers! Breaking news, well, I guess you already heard about it, so it isn't so breaking, but... Anyway, AJHQ has vanquished the phantoms holding Anemone Head Bows in membership locks, and has freed these awesome clothing pieces for all jammers!
Enjoy the new clothing nonmembers! I sure wish AJ had more to give your guys, but at least you have tons of friends and places to explore. Happy Jamaalidays everyone!

Thank you wolfy533 for the cute little seal plushie, refqte4tr for the wonderful
Anemone Bow, and Dreamheart for the beautiful snow angel!

Gift Number Nine

Hey jammers! Gift #9 is here everyone, but sadly it is a members item (and an ocean item as well). It is called an Anemone Head Bow.
Luckily everyone can keep it, so nonmembers, you can trade it for rares later on. So far I've found seven colors around Jamaa, but I'm not sure if there is an eighth out there.
Just now I got the weird glitch that is common nowadays. It started after I got the loading spins when trying to exit the Jam Mart Clothing. Then I waited a while (I was working on this post). The spinning stopped, I was still in the Jam Mart but I heard (in the chat history) what was going on in the Township. I was invisible (no name tag, no nothing), but the glitch ended like this after I clicked my character (a seal at the time).
Notice the name tag behind the front window says
Princess Orangemountain (most likely). What is the
dark and glitchy jammer up to now? Sorting text?
Next order or business is the recently ended poll. It seems most jammers really liked the wolf t-shirt, and phantoms came up as a not-so-close runner up.
On AJ outfitters they are also selling AJ membership gift cards! I'm not sure why they need them, but now you have another way to purchase membership.
As the new poll I'm asking about your favorite Jamaasian holiday. I'm curious what holidays your guys like/don't like, personally I enjoy the Jamaalidays and Day of the Phantoms the most. I hope you're having a great holiday season jammers!

New: More artwork on the Spirit Art mini blog!
Thank you lokithorrrrr for the candy bowl and Ir19 for the lamp!