Monday, December 26, 2011

The Gifts Continue

Hey jammers! Good news, just because Christmas is over doesn't mean the presents are. ^.^ Let's say thank you to AJHQ for some extra spending gems!
Plus void glitches are becoming more and more common in Jamaa! I found this example in stallion1's den.
Meanwhile, a little series of glitches that bug me are the pet-chopping ones! Everywhere you go pets are being squished.
Does this bug you too? wolvesofthebeyond recently spotted a mysterious floating wolf in Coral Canyons who suddenly disappeared (it is one of her buddies...).
What other fun and annoying glitches are out wandering like phantoms in Jamaa? Happy Jamaalidays!

Update: New post on the Spirit Artwork mini blog!


  1. Hey Snowy you should mention this in an email to AJ HQ -
    I think it would be so cool if AJ HQ
    made the last gift some kind of den, you know so that non members can get a new den? I think that would be the best gift they could get!
    (I am a member but I do know how bad non members wish for new dens and items.) Thank you AJ HQ for all of the wonderful Jammaliday gifts!
    (if you do send an email may you please let them know 98lovecats said this? Thanks :) )

  2. The void glitch is caused when the same item is placed at one same spot. There is about 25 or more of the items in each void. Lots of gltches, AJ didn't have much back then!

  3. That's my buddy.

  4. You wanna see a glitch? Go to Canyons Pathway and look a tthe ground. They're are still Fall leaves on it!!!

  5. I think they are going to continue them until the end of December, but they might not...

  6. did u hack someone account cuz that is not u!

  7. @luis2235
    Of course not luis! This picture was sent in by wolvesofthebeyond, she sent the pictures to the blog email.

  8. Those void glitches are really easy, all you have to do is buy at least 25-30 things of the SAME ITEM then put them all in the same spot, and eventually a black spot will show up. If you want to see a epic tree void go to pizzadrop's den.



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