Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jamaaliday Activities

UPDATE - More party info!

Tons of new stuff is around in Jamaa, jammers. Here are just some of the things you can do! First things first, free presents!
The first present appears to be a snowflake rug, be sure to pick it up today! I'm assuming each day has a different item, or items get rarer and rarer as you come on AJ more.
Next up is that pets aren't rare anymore! You can now customize each of your pet, any way you want! 
Of course you have to pay for it, but it certainly seems fun! Each kind of pet gets its own special types of clothing. Simply wear the pet you want to customize, and you're ready! Plus, pets now jump and dance with you, just like we had hoped!
Meanwhile, there are now Animal Jam parties, made by HQ! 
 You can find your party icon in your top toolbar. It seems these parties are hosted every hour and a half, so keep tuned to your party board! Sadly, just before the Jamaaliday Jam I was shut out of Animal Jam, but then, it opened again!
There is tons of stuff to do at the Jamaaliday Jam, there is a little gingerbread shop...
 There is s'mores, candy canes, slides, ice rink...
And so much more! As for the Play Wild party, it is certainly wild! First of all you go to...
In the party (place is remarkably like Club Geoz) there is a little party shop located at the neon hut.
Currently they sell no exclusive items...
But you can find special Jamaaliday music if you click on the DJ's audio board.
Plus, don't forget to grab a glow stick from the glowing neon phantom! A must have for any neon party dance.
Look on below posts for more info on this wondrous update! 

Note: New party on the Spirit Club mini blog!
New: More artwork on the Spirit Art mini blog!


  1. what is play wild party??????

  2. a play wild party is pretty much club items here :(

  3. The Play Wild Party takes place in a Club Geoz looking place but it has 3 dance floors, glow sticks and a store where you can buy party stuff for your den! There is also cool music in the background and I also found out that when you dance with your pet, it hops and dances with you! :)

  4. I like the Play Wild Party! It has very spacious music and it's very disco. I just now discovered the pets dance now! How cute!


  5. Um are you suppost to get your present today if so I didn't get one...

  6. Play Wild Party is so much fun! And to get glowsticks you click on the green phantom on the wall by the blue dance floor.

  7. 26 minutes before i go to one :)

  8. the sound of chomping animals are very annoying(+ribbeting)

  9. You can buy stuff at the dance party! You can buy all music stuff plus the song that is playing in the party!

    A dance party starts in 5 minutes!!!1

  10. the parties are so much fun!but which is the best party?
    (A.K.A., bubblestorm14)

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  12. I missed the carpet! :(

  13. @kittins3
    What a beautiful story! It sounds like the story of one of the first Jamaasians, ones with Jamaa magic in their veins, who were the ones that arrived first to Jamaa.

  14. snowy i haave some question about the jamaaliday party
    1.what time does the party start? you get gifts at the party?
    3.what kindof gifts do you get there?
    btw my user glamdiva101

    1. I think the party starts near 7:30
      and i dont think you get free gifts there
      if you did the gift they would be Christmas stuff.i miss that party wish it comes again.btw buddy me people!

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  16. I can't wait until December :) Just a month away!

  17. Hey hammers and merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and all so buddy me, -twinkleninja-

  18. Ah..... 3 years ago today I read this exact post.... and got my snowflake rug which I still have

  19. Wow.. This was a long time ago and I remember it perfectly. Little 10 year old me.. Can't believe it's been 4 years..


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