Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jamaaliday Excitement!

Hey jammers! Tons of new things are out in Jamaa, here is just a preview of all the amazing things you can find! I included the Jamaa Journal articles for explanation, just click on them to read. First up is the new/old Jamaaliday card and greetings! 
Great for sending gifts to your buddies! Next is the newest pet, the reindeer! You can find one in multiple places around Jamaa, here is one for a hint.
 The monthly member item should be sent out to members quite soon, but there is a great preview in the Jamaa Journal!
Once of the most exciting additions for me is the Epic Wonders shop behind the waterfall in Coral Canyons! Just click on the globe and you'll see what I mean!
I don't have enough gems for all this amazing stuff! I guess I better start earning quickly. Speaking of gems, there is a new double gem game!
 It's a great game to play with your buddies, have fun! Brady Barr now has a compiled video collection in his lab, just click on his map. 
There is a new animal coming up as well! Be sure to check out the calender in Jamaa Township for clues on when the next update will be.
 What will the be jammers? Don't forget to take a look at the "flip" clue in the animal article, I'm sure it's important. Meanwhile, I was wondering, no, hoping, that you guys may be able to earn an item or two for me when you have the chance. Because of the blogging and school I have absolutely no time to work on gems! Please don't send anything if you don't want to though, it's only if you have extra gems, items, or time. Thanks jammers, and Happy Jamaalidays!

Which of the title banners do you like the best?
The jamaaliday card or the howling for ice mira? 


  1. You always seem to be right on time Snowyclaw! Actually a little early..
    :D Happy Jamaalidays!

  2. let me tell you, the new animal's a horse. -norty

  3. The reindeer are so cute! Can we choose our own rare features for pets now? I'm going to go find out.

    I think the animal is a zebra! Yes!


  4. Hmm.. i can't tell about the animal and i like the 2nd banner

  5. Wait but are you able to get rare features on your pet though?

  6. Snowy! I think I know what it means by "flipped". It's a flipped picture! It looks to be a horse, ponny, or (like quavine said) a zebra!!! But what ever the case is, it's going to be, it's going to be an AWESOME PET!!!!


    P.S It won't let me say my blog name/URL... So I have to stay "Anonymous"... -_-"

  7. It's a zebra.
    @Quavine wishes you a merry Christmas!
    No, you can't. I was looking forward to that too, I'm really disappointed.
    Why does everything in Epic Wonders cost SO MUCH? I need the spaceship window for my den theme!!!!!!

  8. why does everything in Epic Wonders have to be for members not one thing for nonmembers :'(


  9. Snowy i love the new blog setup!! I hope you dont mind if i do the snow as my picture ehind the blog title and the mira statue and me as the backround. Ill get snow l8tr XP

  10. How do you get a BG? The banner thing, please help me. And I like the looks, really Christmas-like.

  11. I love the jamaaliadays.

  12. Possibly the most beautiful Jamaa-A-Gram I've ever seen, at the top...

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  14. For the banner thing,I pick the Mira statue thingy it's looks cool

  15. There are at least 3 or more things for non Members: silver glove and bronze ingot are all I could remember

  16. It's actually a horse! I no that from 2014 btw I join in 2011


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