Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Frozen Pond Gift

Hey jammers! AJHQ has sent out another wonderful Jamaaliday gift, a Frozen Pond! It goes wonderfully with all the other winter Jamaa gifts.
I'd also like to post a little glitch found by Alygator.
The chicken hat bobs up and down as if it is still on a standing trunk! Elephants seem to have funny reactions to many hats. One is the bouncing and disappearing reindeer nose...
Plus (I found this when trying on different hats), when you put the Vampire Mask on, you can see the color that was supposedly sold during beta or the first Day of the Phantoms. I'm guessing the grey later changed to the red.
Oh my, look at that jammer's coin amount in the above picture!
Strange huh? Anyway, here is a strange glitch I found with my buddy, I've heard it happens a lot. Click to see full size.
Has this happened to you too, jammers? Anyway, enjoy your end of the Jamaalidays, and happy almost new year!

Update: New story on the Spirit Artwork mini blog!
Thank you cadek1 for the antlers and thank you colorful68 for the seahorse fountain!


  1. livieloo6 on animal jamDecember 27, 2011 at 5:56 AM

    cool i love the pond too!

    and i just want to point out that thats a lot of gems on the pic from halloween...just wow.

    i think horses come out tomorrow so be ready for that you can proboly anounce it.

  2. I can't get to AJ =.=
    And that name tag glitch always happens

  3. I noticed a new glitch i dont think youve covered it but im not sure... But, when your changing your den sometimes the wall paper you have up goes through your item inventory!


  4. I like the pond, and a common hat mix in member items...funny, it's always the members besides the jolly elf hat with monkeys...anyways, common glitches!

  5. I love the pond and yesterday I saw someone that had your avatar's name and looked like you but he/she was brown kinda weird. And that glitch happens to me.

  6. I think the last glitch only happens to members.

  7. I think I've seen the last glitch a few times. I've never noticed the Vampire Mask one.

    I'm really excited that you posted the glitch we found, even if it is common. Thank you, Snowyclaw! I bet my little sister (the elephant) will be excited too!

  8. Yeah the thing with the members look like there non-members but that happened to me my brother wanted his friends to add me then both of them said that i was a non-member but he kept saying "She is a member!"LOL!!!


  9. A glitch that happened to me was that i was making a video with hypercam then i when back to the animal jam tab then i had 3 items that i never got then they just poped up in my den and it made a nosie it was weird then when i switched my den then back they were gone has this ever happened to you?

  10. kittyglore19877 is my friend! but im so mad at pokemon25208 cuz she toke all of kittys rares DX

  11. omg kitty's ut friend? cool! mine 2
    A shout out to him if he's wathing this, Happy B-day! XD

  12. It happened to me ALOT it was so annoying.


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