Saturday, December 24, 2011

Little Gingerbread House

Jamaaliday gift #10 is here jammers! And, what-do-ya-know, it's from the Jamaaliday party. xD The little gingerbread house at the party that I spotted near to the fireplace (downstairs) next to a bag of toys (next gift maybe?).
Isn't it adorable? Anyway, some new glitches that jammers sent in. I've heard reports from many on the running-in-place jammers, and the clones as well. Here is sealofbeyond's capture of a tiger running in one spot.
How many have you spotted recently around Jamaa? Next is a void glitch seen by icybug2000 when she was editing her den.
Another issue with those seasonal trees! They are always causing problems, aren't they? Sadly this glitch ran out quickly, but still, it looked like fun! Has anyone found any new void glitches out there, they seem to be one of the most common types. Anyway, happy Jamaalidays everyone, and to all those who celebrate it, merry almost-Christmas!

I was also wondering, does anyone
have info on these strange beta
eyeballs? I haven't seen them
around Jamaa recently, have
they been removed?


  1. livieloo6 on animal jamDecember 24, 2011 at 6:00 AM

    i have an eye ball hat but its red not thet pink/red color mines like a deep red.

    ugh!i dont want to go to an 1 1/2 christmas church service!

    santas coming tonight!

  2. Darkbraken USED to have a beta eyeball, look up the post "Epic Trade and Aldan Problems" on her blog. She traded the beta eyeball though and I don't know where it is now.

  3. Yeah that cloning glitch happened to me before.And that "Sort Text" thing is so annoying.I'll send in an example of the cloning thing.

  4. Hey Snowyclaw!

    Thanks for posting that snow thing.Really helped!It's awesomestacy321,but I'm on my google account and my comments won't show for some reason.I'll try sometimes,so for now I'll still be awesomestacy321 except that there's not my blog pic.:/

  5. Yeah the glitch always happens with my 4th of july fireworks.

  6. livieloo6 on animal jamDecember 24, 2011 at 10:03 AM

    by the way do you know that theres this awesome website?

    1.copy the web bar while playing aj.
    2.go on and paste the website take out http://
    3.enter and lol!!!!!
    ~when you go to a different page the thing goes away.
    go check it out to find out what it does!


  7. Paola1223 has a beta eyeball

    (And freedom wings, mask, and helmet and a red worn blanket)

  8. Hi snowyclaw, the Eyeball hats can be found near Halloween I think. Also my Username is juliaparker. I hope we can meet sometime.

  9. my friend evilmastersam has a beta eyeball

  10. I saw one and it was pink. The person said that he got it before it left the store

  11. Hey Snowy,
    I think you should remind AJ HQ
    about the videos in the Museum!

    Also - I got on my other account
    (lovecats98) and I got my daily prize, but when I went to put it in my den I had like 7! Wow!

    Merry Christmas, and
    Happy Jamaalidays!

    - 98lovecats -

  12. Hey Snow, Supermonkeys here.
    I guess you weren't here for last Halloween?

    Well, I got them during this AJ Guide party (those guys can par-ty!) and this Guide went and wore this eyeball hat (the beta one).

    So I bought one, then a few days later, they were replaced by coloured ones. The Beta eyeball was a model was testing the eyeball model to see if it worked, if they needed to change the size, etc.

    They also got rid of the NM Halloween stuff due to what some people said: "The items were too similar to member items, so they went bye-bye"

    Hope this helped. C:

  13. ik some1 who has 1!!! its creepy tho..... but it looks cool. she said she traded it.

  14. Its me evilmastersam ... i wanted to let everyone now tht i have the beta eye and ive had it for years.. its from beta times and .. they are one of aj's most rarst items u can get... only 5 of them in the whole game so think... 5 out of millions... they are misterious.. lol :) So if u have any questions on them just ask me kk :D


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