Thursday, December 29, 2011

Update Next Thursday?

Hey jammers! Silverstorm99 sent me a picture of AJHQ's response when she asked about the late update.
It's pretty understandable for them to take a holiday break, don't you think? Most companies give holiday breaks to their employes, why would AJ be any different? Anyway, it just leads up to more suspense for the wonderful new year update.
Happy Jamaalidays everyone, and keep on shopping!


  1. wow! it has been such a long time since i have been on aj or updated my blog. ive just been sooo busy getting up-to-date with all my fav youtube ppl.

    ill try really hard when the horses r out!

    but i did go on today just to see the new "update", and to my dismay, i got a big load of absolutely NOTHING!

  2. I wonder what the new update is it could be horses...

  3. Guys don't be so self centered! We got break off they should get a break
    too!! For all they have done fore us lets give them something!

  4. Oops i meant for us not fore

  5. i think there going to come out in the 1st day of januray

  6. Yea if we get a break they should too. And I was very sad but im still excited for sure! And when I sent a message to AJ HQ Support they said "The update will come soon!"

  7. I would like the update be that u can use the bows and arrows!
    (But that's just me.)

  8. I'd be cool if we could get a bunch of people together and try to form a Horse head :) But that would be hard and people think it's fun to tick people of when they try to make something cool :( Oh well! I can't wait for the Horses! Happy New Year All!

  9. I'm not too good with pink either. Wonder what the next gift will be... :) hope it's a non-girls only one! (btw if you're one of my friends reading this- you know that I'm not your ordinary girl. You can have it if it's pink.)

    Happy New Year people!

    jaws8654 (add me!)

  10. That's pretty interesting...
    Anyway, first time on this blog it's really cool! I like it, it looks really nice.
    So how did you get the AJS Time Gadget on the Right side of this blog?

    Thank You!

  11. i heard foxes are coming soon! its in the jamm newspaper thingy, I CANT WAIT FOR IT!

  12. it is weird seeing old updates X3

  13. What did it say?


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