Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Frosty Phantom Gift

Woah! Wonderfully chilly phantom miniature, perfect for you Jamaaliday collection. Do you guys like it?
 Maybe they'll give an ice statue of Mira, that would make my Jamaalidays! You excited for new years everyone?

Update: New post on the Spirit Artwork mini blog!
Thank you for the plushie 22ar!


  1. Oh and First comment and Second comment!1

  2. Can't wait 2012!

  3. livieloo6 on animal jamDecember 28, 2011 at 10:32 AM

    ok so yah pretty cool and today is the day i look for aj gift card!

    here i come lion!

    *horses come out tomorrow i think!*

  4. Yeah I would really like the horses to come out tonmorrow!!!and what would make my day yeah a statue of Mother Mira!!!!That would be the best gift of all the gifts i think but you never know there may be more Better stuff i wonder if Animal Jam HQ reads these commets from all these jammers!
    Sorry For The Long Post...


  5. Hi! bunny145728 here. I wonder what they will come out with for items for the new year celebrations. I cannot WAIT for horses! I bet all of us are psyched for them!

  6. The statue was way smaller that it appeared. If you want you can check out my den. The phantom it on my welcome mat! XD

  7. It is on my welcome mat i mean

  8. i thought 2012 was the year the world

  9. 2012 isn't the year the world ends its a myth and its only in a movie don't believe in movies.

    1. Lol its 2013 now, time flies.

  10. how do you get it?


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