Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cayman Islands

Hey jammers! There's a new flag in the Sarepia Flag Shop.
AJHQ also posted about Leap Day (since it is today). Take a look, it's got some interesting facts and information.
If you've missed the past few days on AJ you better go through the past couple pages of blog posts, tons has been going on! Don't forget to check out the octopus news below. ^.^

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Octopi Coming to Jamaa

Hey jammers! Quick post here. Looks like new animal will be coming to Jamaa in the next couple updates. I found this picture when checking AJHQ's Daily Explorer blog.
What do you think it is? I got a pretty good idea...
Am I right, jammers? When do you think they'll come out? This update? The next? I'd also like to mention that because of the Leap Year Days, the only party available is the Leap Year Party!
Looks kinda weird, being all one color. Oh well, lots of time to grab the awesome, random-color rares! Happy jamming.

Coral Fence Piece

Hey jammers of the world! The new item of the day is a Coral Fence Piece, found in Hidden Treasures.
Strangely enough, only the Lionfish fins left Bahari Bargains, the armor and helmets are still selling. Kind of weird how AJHQ just randomly changed their minds about this non-rare rare.
Happy jamming everyone, and happy shopping at the new Leap Year Party. Look at the post below for all the crazy happenings with this jumpin' good holiday gathering!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Leap Year Party

Hey jammers, the Leap Year Party is here!
Lots of crazy colored items, be careful, people will try to scam with them! First, the fun Leap Year fact at the door.
Party room? A treehouse den, with the name Leap Year Party.
The decorations are mainly frog themed, there is also a cheerful campfire to huddle around with buddies.
 There are also two different stores. One on the lower level of the treehouse, furniture, and one on the middle level, clothing.
Here is the "rare" furniture items available.
And here are the crazy colored clothing items!
Be sure to get quite a few of each item, besides rare Mondays, these items won't be back for another four years! There is also a special plushie machine with small lion plushies inside!
They look like this. ^.^
There is also a large slide, just like I predicted!
It's a huge slide! Have fun at the party, and happy jamming.

Lionfish Monday Rares

Hey jammers! So, strangely enough, Animal Jam's Monday rares ...have never been rare before. These rares, as posted on the AJHQ Daily Explorer blog, are the lionfish armor pieces.
AJHQ also sent out a message.
 It appears that all three of the Lionfish items are "rare" and will leave tonight. Be sure to get some, members!
The best thing would be to get at least one set of your favorite colors, that way you have some cool underwater rares in the future. Here I am with my turtle's outfit. ^.^
Meanwhile, I'll be hanging out in my den until the new Leap Year Party arrives. I'll be there until 8:00pm AJS time.
See ya in Jamaa, jammers. Happy jamming!

Update: Artwork on the Spirit Artwork mini blog (jojoismygirl)!

New Items and a Late Rare

Hey jammers, rare Monday is late again, but there are two new items out. The new Georgia flag is in the Flag Shop.
There is also Lionfish Armor released in Barhari Bargains, looks like a complete set almost!
I'll be posting the Monday rare later on, if you don't see if up be sure to check by the Daily Explorer. AJHQ posts the Monday rare in a picture on the left side of the blog. A nice jammer (whose full user I don't know) told me of this little glitch.

Start at the top of the slide, taking small
steps, slowly ooch your way down the
slide. If your steps are too big
you'll go down the slide.
You can go down a certain amount
before being pushed down he slide.
Still kinda cool though!
This also works on the slides in Crystal Sands and Mt. Shiveer, but it doesn't allow you to go down as far. Not the best glitch, but keep it in mind for those leafy green slides on AJ Leap Day. What do you think Jamaa Journal article is hinting at?
I'm thinking a new land, or maybe Crystal Sands will become a rainforest for those three days! What crazy ideas can you guys come up with? Happy jamming, check back later for the Monday rare, and return Tuesday for the Leap Year festivities.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Giant Penguin Plushie

Heya jammers! The Giant Penguin Plushie is now sold in the Appondale Animal Museum.
As you may have noticed, the AJ Spiritlight page has disappeared. I'm sorry, but I just have no time to update it. It will return this summer, so it's something to look forward to!
There is also a new animal name out, Swimming. Thanks for telling me tigerlillycoke and gingerpawz.
As many of you know, lion three month memberships are now available for online purchase on AJ Outfitters.
And as some of you know, I already got one. ^.^ I'd just like to mention real quickly the things you will get. First off, you get a lion (named King of the Jungle) and a castle den.
 You then will receive 15,000 gems. Strangely enough I got another 6,000 extra, for no apparent reason. 
No complaints though! If you already have a membership, it simply lengthens it by three months.
I just wanted to post this to let you know the news, not to promote membership in any way. Happy jamming!

Update: Artwork on the Spirit Artwork mini blog (Darling Wingedbird)!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lionfish Helmet

Hey jammers, a fun new clothing item is here in Bahari Bargains.
Have fun shopping jammers, be sure to check the post below for info on the new online lion giftcards. Happy jamming!

Update: Artwork on the Spirit Artwork mini blog (Spino11)!