Thursday, February 16, 2012

Heatwave Party

Here's a short post on the Heatwave Party. It's pretty similar to past party, staged in a den (the waterslide den) has something to eat (smoothies) and a small themed store (beach hut).
Above is the little housetop hangout room.
The SALE sign is the Heat Wave Party Shop.
The items are simply from last summer. Nothing really special about them. Good for pool parties though!
The smoothie machine looks new and cool, but really it's exactly the same on the inside as in Crystal Sands.
Still, it's nice having a warm place to hang out once and a while. Enjoy the new party jammers, see you around Jamaa.

Reminder: Look at the two posts below for more update info.


  1. That party is like going to the's not very different.The only different thing is the store.

  2. Well (its pac10 again -.-) but i got a friend whose a demon! i would tell u her username but i dont want her to be catechized (lectured) at but she breaks my ribs HEALS ME breaks my jaw HEALS ME

    please help THATS MY UPDATE!!!! ;P

    oh also my baby phantom died (or got killed by the demon)

  3. Has anyone ever seen graham on AJ live?


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