Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Heart Rug and Servers

Hey jammers, AJHQ sent out a message today, notifying jammers about this new underwater furniture item, the Heart Rug! You can buy it in Hidden Treasure of Kani Cove.
AJHQ seems to always send out a message the day of the release, so keep your eyes out! They seem to release an item every day. Don't forget, tomorrow is the temporary Monday item!
Meanwhile, you may have noticed already, but in the latest update there were more additions to the Servers. Very creative names this time! Which one is your favorite?
Hope this helped a bit jammers, lots more new stuff is out there, you just need to look and explore! Happy Friendship Festival and happy jamming, everyone.


  1. Um the new servers are based on mountains around the world if you haven't notice that, snowyclaw

  2. I was the first to notice them I posted it on my blog first but you can sure check it out if you want here is the link

  3. @Suppergirl28:
    Actually, you weren't the first to notice it. I was. I posted about it on my blog 2 days before you. I don't mean to brag. I just wanted to correct you. :P

    Actually, there are fourteen new servers! :)

  4. @sheesh4
    yup i saw it on your blog.
    there are other ones, these are based on mountains that I recognize. but i'm sure the others are mountains too, i just don't know about them :(

  5. I think rare mondays are kinda stupid :L

  6. @kittins3,
    why? it is only one day, and i think there will be worns.....
    =( <.< )=

  7. @Missflo
    Lol lol lol the bunny haha have any have ya heard the song,''The Bunny''?It's soo funny lol lol I give it 4 paws up(in AJ's case)I give it 2 thumbs up(in the real world's case lol.):D Lol.(This is totally off topic....)-. thats A in the morse code(at least I think I did it right and I think I spelled morse's -. or .-)

  8. I never knew these Heart Rugs even existed O_o

  9. @xxthewolfxx

    Me neither......... o-o that kinda creeped me out... ehh.... not really... MEEP O3o


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